War from Afghanistan to the Horn of Africa


THE whole of the area from Afghanistan to the Horn of Africa is now one great killing zone where US-UK imperialism either kills at will or is seeking to do so.

For the US upholders of world wide capitalist law and order, borders, national sovereignty and its own slogan of the ‘right to life’ just do not exist.

Yesterday was a day of bloody war throughout the region.

In the last few weeks the US incited and organised Ethiopia to attack and intervene inside Somalia, to overthrow the Islamic Courts movement that had brought peace and security to a country which had been in the clutches of criminal gangs.

Now this has been accomplished with the gangsters back in control for the moment, the US is openly intervening, killing large numbers of Somalis at will.

Yesterday the US launched air raids from its base in Djibouti, on Somali villages, murdering large numbers of innocent people.

A Somali ‘government’ spokesman, Abdirahman Dinari said the attacks were by AC 130 gunships, and ‘Absolutely, a lot of people were killed. So many dead people were lying in the area, but we do not know who is who, but the raid was a success.’

One of the target villages, called Badel was where ‘terrorists’ were hiding. No doubt the vast majority of these were ‘terrorist’ women and children.

In the days ahead large numbers of Somalis will be slaughtered, the victims of US air attacks as the US forces wipe out all those who have been identified by their Somali agents as being ‘enemies of the US’.

Meanwhile a US navy nuclear-powered submarine collided with a Japanese oil tanker at the mouth of the strategic Straits of Hormuz, the exit to the Arabian Sea from the Persian Gulf for the large numbers of oil tankers carrying Iranian and Iraqi oil to the West and to Japan, and Australia.

The submarine USS Newport News is not just threatening the oil trade, it also threatens Iran at a time when the Iranian government has been warned that Israel has US backing for a tactical nuclear strike at Iran’s developing nuclear technology, some time in the near future.

The submarine is part of the carrier group supporting the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, an aircraft carrier, deployed in the Gulf region carrying massive firepower, including nuclear weapons.

In Iraq yesterday, a Turkish aircraft with 30 people aboard crashed while trying to land at Baghdad Airport, while there was very heavy fighting in central Baghdad between insurgents and US and Iraqi puppet forces backed by helicopter gunships and jet fighters.

For three years Iraq has had the benefits of the attentions of the western democracies.

Yesterday the UN pointed out that during these three years 2 million Iraqis have become refugees, living in Syria and other places, while another two million have been internally displaced.

This, the UN says, is the greatest uprooting of people since the Zionists established Israel by force of arms in 1948 and forced out over a million Palestinians. This must be the crowning achievement of the Bush-Blair axis.

To the west of Iraq in occupied Palestine, millions of Palestinians are being held in the prison of Israeli occupation, and are being killed on a daily basis.

Next door in the Lebanon, the masses are recovering from the recent Israeli invasion and getting ready for the next one.

Further East in Afghanistan, the population are facing NATO attacks every day targeting and killing large numbers of men, women and children.

The response of the masses to this imperialist onslaught is revolution, in Iraq, Palestine, the Lebanon and shortly Jordan and Egypt where the execution of Saddam Hussein has placed the US’ allies in great danger of being overthrown.

The response of US and UK workers to this situation must be to bring down the Blair government and the Bush administration to end the war against the peoples of the Middle East, the Gulf and the Horn of Africa.