US threatens the UK over 5G – while the Tory Party splits over the issue


THE BANKRUPTCY of British capitalism is there for all to see. Yesterday the Johnson Tory government was faced with making a serious break with Trump’s USA over the adoption of the Chinese company Huawei’s superfast 5G network.

The UK already uses Huawei’s 4G network and neither the UK nor the USA has developed a superfast 5G.

The US super-power in fact uses an advanced South Korean system while the UK has no option but to spend billions replacing its current 4G system with 5G or agreeing to work with the USA to jointly develop 5G, a process that will take a number of years and cost billions.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. South Korea is now more advanced than the USA, while China, which was once dominated and looted by the UK after the notorious ‘Opium Wars’ in the 19th century, now views the UK as a backward country.

The object of the first Opium War (1839-42) and the second Opium War (1856-60) was to open up an opium market for British imperialism to make billions out of stupifying the Chinese masses, who they treated with absolute contempt.

In the 1930s the British concession in Shanghai featured a park for the use of British, military, business and embassy personnel that carried a notice on its benches stating: ‘No Dogs or Chinese Allowed’.

Britain dominated and humiliated China and the Chinese people. The Russian revolution and the emergence of the Chinese Communist Party changed all that.

In 1949, Mao-Tse-tung proclaimed the Chinese Republic after the Chinese working class, led by the Communist Party, took power and overthrew the western puppets who ran the country.

These two great revolutions – the Russian revolution of 1917 and the Chinese revolutionary victory in 1949 – changed the world for ever.

The working class has propelled China forward from a slave state to the world’s number one economy that rivals and has even overtaken the USA in a number of fields. The 5G disaster for the UK and the major row between British and US imperialism has emerged while the Chinese People’s Republic takes the lead in the most advanced technologies.

The Tory Party is split over whether the UK should bring in China’s 5G, or spend billions removing its current but limited 4G network and developing a joint 5G programme with the USA.

The fur is flying in the Tory Party with ex-chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tugendhat, stating: ‘It’s no good taking back control from Brussels only to hand it over to Beijing.’

Duncan Smith, a former Tory leader, added that the UK is in a ‘Cyber War with China’ and urged: ‘We should think again about giving a company heavily subsidised by China … a very delicate area of our technology.’

However, Monday’s Daily Telegraph appreciated the bankruptcy of the UK’s position. It stated: ‘The question ministers should be asking is how have we got into a position where we apparently have little option but to build on existing Huawei infrastructure in the absence of any realistic alternative?

‘Why have British-based companies not developed this technology and why is the UK behind other countries in preparation for 5G? It must not happen again.’

The reality is that the UK is now a backward country that has been well and truly overtaken by the Chinese people via their communist revolution. The message for the UK working class is clear.

It must defend its own interests by bringing down the Johnson government and going forward to a workers government.

This will replace bankrupt capitalism with a planned socialist economy based on the nationalisation of the banks and all of the major industries.

Only a socialist revolution and a planned socialist economy can revive a bankrupt Britain that is currently in the grip of a handful of bankers and big capitalists who are only interested in enriching themselves.

This requires the building of the WRP into the mass party of the working class capable of leading a successful struggle for workers power in the UK.