US Ruling Class Fails To Assassinate Maduro – Workers Must Defend The Venezuelan Revolution


VENEZUELA’S President Nicolas Maduro has survived an assassination attempt during a military parade celebrating the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard in the capital, Caracas.

There is not the slightest doubt that the USA and its terrorist President Trump is behind that attack, and that the US state provided the hardware and the training for the terrorists, also backed by Colombia, to make their desperate assassination bid.

Venezuela sits on an ocean of oil and its nationalist left leaning government, whose crime is that it has sought to use the oil wealth for the benefit of the Venezuelan people, has earned the eternal hatred of the US ruling class and its state apparatus as well as the former rulers of Venezuela.

Speaking that evening to the masses of Venezuela, Maduro told the Venezuelan opposition: ‘I guarantee you can live in this country peacefully. If something happens to me, you will have to face millions of Campesinos and humble people making justice with their own hands. I am alive, and I can tell you that after this attempt, I am even more determined to fight for the revolution.’

He added: ‘The preliminary investigation indicates that many of those responsible for the attack, the financiers and planners, live in the United States in the state of Florida. ‘I hope the Trump administration is willing to fight terrorist groups that commit attacks in peaceful countries in our continent, in this case, Venezuela.’ That is a forlorn hope indeed!

Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez has confirmed that the attack – involved several drones packed with explosives. The US ruling class grew up seeing South America as Uncle Sam’s backyard and it is now absolutely determined to get its hands on Venezuela’s oil resources. Its traditional doctrine, the Monroe Doctrine first saw light in President James Monroe’s seventh annual message to Congress on December 2nd, 1823. The European powers, according to Monroe, were obligated to respect the Western Hemisphere as the United States’ ‘sphere of interest’.

Understandably, the United States has always taken a particular interest in its closest neighbours – the nations of the Western Hemisphere. Equally understandably, expressions of this concern have not always been favourably regarded by other American nations. The doctrine warns European nations that the United States would not tolerate further colonisation or puppet monarchs. The doctrine was conceived to meet major concerns of the moment, but it soon became a watchword of US policy in the Western Hemisphere.

It was invoked in 1865 when the US government exerted diplomatic and military pressure in support of the Mexican President Benito Juárez. This support enabled Juárez to lead a successful revolt against the Emperor Maximilian, who had been placed on the throne by the French government. Almost 40 years later, in 1904, European creditors of a number of Latin American countries threatened armed intervention to collect debts. President Theodore Roosevelt promptly proclaimed the right of the United States to exercise an ‘international police power’ to curb such ‘chronic wrongdoing’.

US Marines were sent into Santo Domingo in 1904, Nicaragua in 1911, and Haiti in 1915, ostensibly to keep the Europeans out. In 1962, the Monroe Doctrine was invoked when the Soviet Union began to build missile-launching sites in Cuba. With the support of the Organisation of American States, President John F. Kennedy threw a naval and air quarantine around the island. After several tense days, the Soviet Union agreed to withdraw the missiles and dismantle the sites.

However, the historic damage had already been done. On April 17, 1961, 1,400 Cuban counter-revolutionaries launched a CIA-backed invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs to try to defeat the nationalist revolution led by Fidel Castro that had overthrown the Mafia-supported regime of Batista. The CIA invasion was defeated by the Cuban masses and the Monroe Doctrine was shattered for ever with Cuba withstanding decades of US ruling class hostility, and now joined by oil-rich Venezuela.

Today, the US Titan has become more of a Frankenstein with its efforts to make the US great again by putting its former EU allies into bankruptcy through its trade war and threatening emerging nations such as Iran with war and regime change. With world capitalism now deep into its death agony and threatening the planet with war and devastation, the working people of the world have a duty to defend the Venezuelan, Iranian, Cuban and Palestinian revolutions.

The US, UK, French, Italian and German workers must unite to put an end to the antics of the Trump, May, Macron gang with socialist revolutions to make the world a fit place for the working people of the world to live in!