US raids Libyan stooges!


THE Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, put into power by a murderous NATO campaign that culminated in the murder of Colonel Gadaffi, has called on his NATO sponsors to intervene to try to curb the growing power of Al-Qaeda and rival Islamic factions in Libya.

NATO’S victory created an ungovernable Libya run by competing militias, overloaded with NATO and Saudi-supplied arms of all kinds, who have been attempting to sell off Libya’s oil and gas resources with ‘their’ militia pocketing the gains of the various deals.

In an interview with BBC Newsnight, Zeidan revealed what everybody already knows. This is that the militias that NATO brought to power are exporting Libyan weapons and Libyan volunteers all over North Africa and the Middle East, including Syria, where they are doing the dirty work of imperialism.

The aim is to follow up the murder of Gadaffi with the murder of the Assad family and the removal of what is an anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist Syrian government and its replacement by an Islamist regime prepared to live side by side with Israel, as are the regimes of the Gulf feudal states.

‘The movement of these weapons endangers neighbouring countries too, so there must be international co-operation to stop it,’ Zeidan said.

On Monday, sections of the Libyan regime questioned the new US ambassador over the capture of the Al-Qaeda leader in Tripoli by US agents who had been allowed into the country, and were assisted by a rival Libyan faction.

The captured leader was Anas al-Liby, who enjoyed asylum in Britain in the mid 1990s, along with a large number of Libyan Islamists who were agents of MI6, and took part in operations against the Gadaffi regime, before Blair made his pact with the Libyan leader.

In that heady period, London was known as Londonistan because of the sheer volume of Islamist anti-Arab nationalists who were given UK asylum under the patronage of Her Majesty’s government and MI6.

They followed the path blazed by Osama bin Laden who also resided in London for a period and was one of the Islamic heroes of the UK and US ruling classes in their war against the Red Army in Afghanistan, before they all fell out on September 11 2001.

Gadaffi, when he signed his deal with Blair, did not know that he was in fact signing his own death warrant, and that the Islamists who resided in London would be returning home to play their part in his overthrow, led by NATO airpower, as soon as his regime was disarmed of its wmds.

Anas al-Liby was seized by US commandos in an early morning raid last Saturday. The interesting thing is that he was abducted, and not the leaders and political mentors of the Islamist gang who killed the US ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi just a year ago. They are probably represented in the current regime and may even be still counted as potential allies.

The US has defended the capture of Liby as ‘a legal and an appropriate target’. What about the killers of their US ambassador and their political protectors? Are they not an appropriate target?

The truth of the matter is that the imperialist powers have always opposed Arab nationalism and backed the feudal Islamists since they reason, that they can always work out a deal with the latter and even become blood brothers, as they have with the Saudi and Qatari feudalists. Now they are in a pact with the Syrian Islamists, whose wounded are now being treated in Israeli hospitals.

Far from being ashamed of the Libyan fiasco, the US and UK governments have been working might and main to replicate it in Syria, where they have been taken aback by the refusal of the Syrian masses and army to be beaten.

However, there will be many consequences of this intervention. Even MI5 has been warning that the Islamists who have gone from the UK to fight Assad will come back to bomb London.

The UK government is prepared to take this in their stride. They have adopted the Madeleine Albright school of reasoning. She said that the murder of thousands of Iraqi children by UN sanctions was a price worth paying if it helped get rid of Saddam.

The workers of the West and the masses of the Middle East must unite against the imperialist powers. The solution to the crisis is to get rid of capitalism and imperialism through organising the victory of the world socialist revolution.