US Mounts Drone Assault On The Yemen


AFTER withdrawing its embassy staff from 20 countries, the US ruling class has now launched a drone blitz on the Yemen, with three drone strikes taking place yesterday morning. It is also organising special forces to intervene in the country.

There is no doubt that should a request be made to the UK, these special forces will be joined by the SAS, on the road to an even bigger armed intervention.

The US ruling class is now experiencing a major crisis after its ‘successes’ in overthrowing the Arab nationalist regimes in Iraq and Libya, at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars and millions of lives.

It has run into the brick wall of the Syrian people. At the same time, the Al-Qaeda movement has been filling the breach in the Yemen, Iraq, and Libya, where it assassinated a US ambassador with impunity.

This crisis has now seen the CIA Deputy Director Morell give a warning that Syria is the most dangerous country in the world.

In fact, thousands of Islamists who have been armed by the US, UK and Saudi Arabia, are now seeking to establish an Islamic state in northern Syria, bordering both Iraq and Turkey, at the expense of the Kurdish people who live there, who are now being massacred.

Morell said that this could lead to the war spreading to parts of Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and the Lebanon.

This, however, is not the big issue for the CIA.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Morell said the prospect of the Syrian government being replaced by Al-Qaeda is his biggest worry.

Should the current regime collapse without a stable government to step up to the plate, the warheads and gas weapons being held by Assad will end up in the hands of Al-Qaeda he said.

According to Morell, the Syrian government’s weapons ‘are going to be up for grabs and up for sale’ if Assad is ousted.

Syria is ‘probably the most important issue in the world today because of where it is currently heading’, Morell said.

He is, however, not calling for a deal with Assad, so as to tackle Al-Qaeda. What he is suggesting is that there is a need for a massive US air assault to wipe out Syria’s warheads and other weapons, followed up by intervention on the ground to overthrow the Assad regime and establish a pro-US government.

The US ruling class has always been close to the Islamists. An alliance of the US with the Saudi and Gulf feudal rulers and Libyan Islamists overthrew and murdered Gadaffi. Earlier, an alliance between the US and Osama bin Laden was formed to fight the Red Army in Afghanistan.

Today, the US and the UK are arming the same Islamists, who are slaughtering Kurds, to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria.

In Egypt, the US is seeking to bring the Muslim Brotherhood and the US-financed army leadership together to fight the Egyptian working class and the trade unions.

The US ruling class is confident that once Assad is out of the way, then Hezbollah and the revolutionary wing of the Palestinian movement can be smashed for the benefit of Israel and imperialism.

Then a deal can be made with the Islamists to recognise Israel, as Egypt does, or learn to love it and live side-by-side with it, as do the Saudis and Qataris – while the US enjoys the region’s oil wealth.

The US and UK working class must give its full support to the Syrian people who are fighting to keep Syria as an anti-imperialist state, and to the Palestinian people who are also fighting for their state, and to the Egyptian workers who want socialism and not rule by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Army.

The Syrian people have surprised the world with the way that they have defended their country. The Egyptian workers shocked the world by the way they fought the Mursi regime to a standstill. A huge revolution is sweeping the area against imperialism, Zionism and Arab reaction.

Workers in the West must support this revolution and not permit the US and UK to take further action against the Syrian people.

In fact, they must support the Arab workers with socialist revolutions at home, to put an end to capitalism and imperialism forever.