UN Admits Al-Qaeda Bombing Damascus!


THE UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has admitted that Al-Qaeda is behind two deadly suicide car bomb attacks in Syria last week.

Fifty-five people were killed and 372 were wounded when two car bombers blew themselves up in the capital Damascus on 10 May.

It was the deadliest attack on the city since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad started last year, which was then supported by the US and UK who used Libya, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to arm, supply and send Islamist fighters into secular Syria, along the line of the model pioneered in Libya.

This was where the western powers used Islamists and Qatari and Saudi mercenaries to provide NATO with ground forces, which they then protected, destroying Libya’s infrastructure from the air and then murdering its leader Gadaffi, all to seize the oil wealth.

Ban also said the death toll from the crisis now totalled 10,000 people. Syria has proven to be a much tougher nut to crack than Libya because, with Israel on its doorstep, it had to maintain a large and strong army.

Ban said on Thursday about the Al-Qaeda bombings of Damascus: ‘Very alarmingly and surprisingly, a few days ago, there was a huge serious massive terrorist attack. I believe that there must be Al-Qaeda behind it. This has created again very serious problems.’

The US and UK governments have been insisting that the Syrian government has been blowing up Damascus and its own people!

Those government agencies who are retailing these lies know full well that the Damascus bombings are on the same pattern as the Al-Qaeda offensive in Baghdad and southern Iraq. This erupted once the door had been opened for Al-Qaeda by the US-UK invasion of 2003.

It turns out that, despite all the western democratic propaganda, Al-Qaeda and the western powers are allies and have the same enemy, the secular, nationalist Arab regimes that established secular states and nationalised their oil resources.

Earlier this month, Syria sent a list of 26 names to the United Nations of foreign nationals it had apprehended, claiming that most of them were members of Al-Qaeda, but this was derided by western war propagandists.

Two-hundred and fifty-seven unarmed UN observers have been deployed in Syria to monitor a ceasefire which has largely collapsed, since it was brokered in March by UN and Arab League representative Kofi Anan, because the allies of the UK and US continue to supply arms and ammunition and explosives to the Syrian ‘rebels’ who are now being supplemented by Al-Qaeda.

At the same time as Syria is being driven into a civil war, the US ambassador to Israel has been spreading ‘good news’ amongst the Zionist gangsters, that the US has plans in place to attack Iran, if other measures fail to stop it developing nuclear weapons.

Dan Shapiro said the US hoped diplomacy and sanctions would persuade Iran to alter its nuclear programme, but a military option was ‘ready’.

The US and its allies say Iran is developing a nuclear bomb, an accusation Tehran denies.

Iran has called for an agreement to be made in which the US and UK accept that Iran has the right to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes while Iran agrees not to develop nuclear bombs, of which Israel has 200.

If it wants this kind of agreement, then the US is knocking on an open door. However, the real situation is that the US-UK axis and its feudal allies in the Gulf are desperate to achieve regime change in Syria and Iran at any cost.

Only revolution in the Middle East and at home has the power to defeat them!