UK workers must bring down Trump’s Tories to leave the EU and bring in a planned socialist economy as part of the world socialist revolution!


US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has named three of his Tory candidates to replace May as the prime minister of his choice.

All three of Trump’s pick have the necessary qualities to bow down before US capitalism and turn the UK from a vassal state of the EU into nothing more than a vassal state of the USA, opened up to exploitation by the giant US conglomerates in the cause of ‘making America great’.

First on Trump’s list is Boris Johnson, who can always be relied upon to crawl before the might of US imperialism. Last week, Trump told the press that Johnson would make a good PM, saying: ‘I think he would be excellent.’

Next up for a private meeting was Jeremy Hunt, with Trump again saying, ‘I think he would do a very good job as Prime Minister.’

In his six years at the Department of Health, Hunt was the driving force behind the Tory attempt to privatise the NHS, making Hunt highly acceptable to Trump who has made it clear that any trade deal with the US will involve the complete destruction of the NHS at the hands of US health corporations.

The third Tory to be blessed by Trump is Michael Gove.

Gove spent years as agricultural minister and agriculture is a particular worry to the Trump administration with US farmers going bust on a massive scale as a result of his trade war with China.

Nothing better for the US agricultural industry than to have a servile UK prime minister who would welcome with open arms the dumping of US agricultural commodities.

All three of Trump’s chosen UK prime ministers share one thing in common – they all represent the spinelessness and weakness of a British capitalist class that is prepared to submit to every diktat from Washington, as it replaces the EU as its master.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made great play of refusing to attend the Royal Banquet in Trump’s honour and instead addressing an anti-Trump rally in London. However, Trump revealed that twice already Corbyn had requested a meeting with him only to be turned down, with Trump saying that Corbyn as Prime Minister is ‘not going to happen’.

Trump intends that the next prime minister of Britain will be chosen by him, and the Tories are falling over themselves to capitulate, while Corbyn was left banging on the door asking to be allowed to be let in on this craven act of subservience.

Trump’s desire to dictate a regime change in the UK is driven not from a position of strength but on the contrary by a world crisis of capitalism that has reached the point of an explosion that will bring down the entire world financial system.

Nothing illustrates the crisis of world capitalism better than the collapse this week of LF Woodford Equity Income Fund.

This fund was forced to stop investors from withdrawing their own money that they had trusted the fund to invest for them. The clamour for their money back came with the realisation that this company was going bust. It then turned out that Woodford didn’t have the cash to repay them their investments.

Woodford’s is not unique. It is a large investment fund that attracted millions from investors out to make a profit from financial dealings and the crash will not stop at Woodford.

This liquidity crisis is rampant throughout the world’s capitalist financial system, the same liquidity crisis that brought the world banking system to the very brink of collapse in 2008.

This crisis is driving US capitalism to wage war to crush its rivals through trade war or turn them into subservient client states of US imperialism.

The only way out of this rapidly developing crisis is for the working class in the US, Britain and the EU to take power.

In Britain, the working class must bring down this rotting Tory government by organising a general strike to kick them out, immediately leave the EU, and go forward to a workers government that will expropriate the bosses, bankers and hedge fund managers and go forward to socialism via a planned economy.

A socialist revolution in Britain will forge a powerful unity with the workers in the US and Europe, and boost their struggle to take power and bring an end to the bankrupt capitalist system for good worldwide.