UK & US whipping up anti-Russia and anti-China hysteria – It won’t work – Workers know that their enemy is at home!


A ‘RED SCARE’ is well under way, with the US and UK governments launching hourly attacks on both Russia and China in a frenzy of anti-communism.

What is driving them on is the deepening crisis of the capitalist system, which has been greatly accelerated as the coronavirus pandemic deepens.

Tory Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab wildly claimed on Thursday that Russians meddled in last year’s election by ‘amplifying’ leaked documents that revealed that once Brexit is done and dusted, a trade deal with the US would include the sale of the NHS.

The ‘Russian agent’ who revealed this deal was former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. He obviously should have covered up this plan to sell off the NHS, for the benefit of the bosses.

It is also ‘obvious’ that any Labour politician who is disloyal enough to release this vital piece of information must be an agent of the Kremlin! All we can say is ‘Well done Corbyn’!

The absurd accusations did not deter the rampant capitalist press. Hours after Raab made his claim, a gaggle of journalists and photographers had camped outside former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s house, accusing him of ‘complicity’.

‘Do you have anything to say about Russian disruption?’ one reporter asked Corbyn as he dismounted his bicycle in his front yard. ‘Are you complicit?’ the reporter asked. ‘Did you help those who attacked our election? Would you do it again, Mr Corbyn? … Do you regret your actions, Mr Corbyn?’

Corbyn’s act of ‘treason’ was that he actually spilled the beans about the nature of the real ‘special relationship’ between the US and the UK – that of slave master and slave … that the only asset of the UK that the US is interested in trading is the NHS, with huge American health firms licking their lips at the prospect of getting their hands on chunks of the £123bn that goes into the NHS yearly.

In fact, we don’t need the KGB or Jeremy Corbyn to reveal this truth. It is obvious. The current head of the NHS England, Simon Stevens, was in fact the former president of Global Health, a branch of UnitedHealth Group, one of the biggest US private healthcare companies in the United States.

He has pioneered and driven forward the privatisation of the NHS. Most NHS workers will not need the KGB or Corbyn to tell them this obvious truth.

Meanwhile, Chinese technology company, Huawei, was told last week by the Tory government that its contracts to build the 5G mobile phone network across the UK will be unceremoniously cancelled.

This, the government asserts, is because having a Chinese company install super-fast internet will open the UK up to Chinese spies.

Oliver Dowden, Tory Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, declared: ‘By the time of the next election we will have implemented in law an irreversible path for the complete removal of Huawei equipment from our 5G networks.’

Huawei said the decision means ‘bad news for anyone in the UK with a mobile phone’ and ‘threatens to move Britain into the digital slow lane’ with the prospect of blackouts for customers on 4G and 2G, throughout the country as equipment is removed.

Dowden admitted that the US had exerted considerable pressure on the UK to pull out of Huawei while also conceding that to remove Huawei equipment from 5G networks by 2027 will ‘add billions of pounds of further costs and further delay rollout’.

Both the US and the UK have a problem – their technology is so backward that they cannot provide their own alternative to 5G – the deformed workers state of China is streets ahead.

Meanwhile, the UK is sending its new aircraft carrier, the Queen Elizabeth, to join the US and Japan in military drills in the South China Sea, ratcheting up the imperialist war drive.

The truth is that that capitalism is on the rocks and the ruling classes need to try and provide the masses of the people with an ‘enemy’ to try and divert their attention from the crisis of capitalism.

This won’t work. Workers know that their enemy is at home and is the bosses and the bankers. As the crisis intensifies they will move into action to remove them with a socialist revolution to go forward to a socialist UK and a socialist USA, arm-in-arm with the US workers.