Tuc C0Ngress Must Give Corbyn And Palestine 100% Backing!


YESTERDAY’S editorial of the bosses’ and bankers’ Sunday Telegraph gave its marching orders to Labour’s right wing and fake lefts, saying of Labour leader Corbyn: ‘Anyone who remains in his party given what we now know about him is morally compromised – either they must fight to bring him down, or they must walk away.’

The editorial derided Labour ‘moderates’ who say that ‘Mr Corbyn is what the Party’s supporters want’ and then added: ‘Even if Mr Corbyn is removed, they fear, another Corbynite with similar extreme views would be elected, given the dramatic shift in Labour’s membership base.’

The Telegraph then tells the Labour right wing: ‘In which case, isn’t the obvious next step to form or join a new party?’ It then slams ‘moderates’ who say that this would keep Labour out of office for a generation’ for being guilty of ‘inertia based on self interest. It is cowardice’.

It is clear that the ruling class understands that their fake campaign that Corbyn is an anti-semite has failed, and that the working class base of Labour has been enlarged to the point where a right wing Labour coup attempt would fail.

The ruling class is demanding that the right wing must split the Labour Party and then form a national government with a section of the Tories, the Lib Dems and others, a bigger version of the SDP’s 1981 split with Labour, that assisted Thatcher winning two general elections.

This is the instruction that has been publicly delivered by the ruling class to its Labour right wing collaborators, and there is no doubt that they will seek to obey the order with some kind of coup attempt or split at the forthcoming Labour Party Conference.

The trade union base of the Labour Party must now take action.

The TUC Congress which precedes the Labour Party Conference, and begins on September 9th, must open with an emergency resolution of the TUC General Council that gives 100% support to the Corbyn leadership and to the socialist polices that it fought the 2017 general election on, and which removed the May government’s majority, making it dependent on the support of the Democratic Unionist Party, which cost the taxpayer over £1bn.

The General Election Manifesto that crippled May and the Tories spelt out that Labour will honour the 2016 referendum result on leaving the EU, its single market and its customs union, will recognise the State of Palestine, bring back free university state education, and renationalise the railways.

The working class and the middle class are sick to death with the Tories, the way that living standards have been slashed and the way that a housing shortage has emerged forcing more and more workers to sleep on the streets. The continuing austerity has seen workers suffering hardship and modern slavery conditions.

It is bad at home, but even worse abroad. Since Labour’s general election pledge was made on Palestine, 171 Palestinians have been killed, either shot or gassed to death on the Gaza border with Israel, while 17,500 Palestinians have been wounded.

At the same time, Israel has declared itself to be the Jewish State and has alienated even the Druze people who are refusing to be called up into service with the Israeli army. At the same time a large number of settlements are being planned. This reality of massive oppression has undermined all of the lurid efforts to brand Corbyn an anti-semite!

The TUC Congress must now take action to support Corbyn and Palestine. It must follow the example of the Telegraph which does not hesitate to call to bring down Corbyn by setting the date for a general strike to bring down the Tories and bring in a Corbyn government pledged to carry out its 2017 general election policies.

Such a decision by the TUC will get the immediate support of millions of workers, and be the beginning of the end for the Tories and British capitalism. On September 9th, the WRP, and the Young Socialists will be lobbying the TUC Congress to fight for these policies including that the people of the Chagos Islands are allowed to return home – they were evicted to make way for a US nuclear base. We urge all workers and youth to join our lobby and to join the WRP and its youth movement the Young Socialists.