Trump Setting Out To Impose A Greater Israel On The Palestinians By Force Of Arms!


WITH his declaration that the Trump Administration no longer recognises that the imposed Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank are illegal, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in fact delivered a declaration of war by US imperialism on the Palestinian people, and the US’ complete support for the rabid Zionist Netanyahu regime. This intends to annex the West Bank into a ‘Greater Israel’ creating millions more Palestinian refugees.

However, Trump doesn’t only have the Palestinian masses in his sights, his number one target in the Middle East is Iran and the Iranian revolution.

A nuclear armed Israel is the US’ mad dog in the Middle East to secure the oil resources of the region and to destroy the Arab and Iranian revolutions.

The Palestinian people are not going to crawl away into the gutter, they will fight for their land with mass uprisings which must have the complete support of the working people of the world.

The truth of the matter is that Trump wants to bolster up a nuclear armed Israel, at the expense of the Palestinians, so that it stands ready and willing to attack the Iranian, Lebanese and the Jordanian peoples.

Trump wants to use Israel to begin the US annexation of the entire Middle East and its prodigious oil wealth. He is preparing the way for intervention with a regime of sanctions directed principally at Iran and the Iranian people, but also at the Iraqi, Jordanian and Lebanese masses.

This US perspective means that the Palestinian and Iranian peoples have to establish a common front with Iraq, Jordan, Syria and the Lebanon to defeat this imperialist plan to destroy and then enslave the Arab world.

Currently in Iran, the high petrol prices that US sanctions have imposed on the Iranian people have led to demonstrations and marches by the poorest people who have been hit very hard.

Similarly in Iraq, where Ayatollah Sistani has supported the mass movement against rising prices and huge shortages of all kinds, the poor have taken to the streets.

In the Lebanon the masses have also taken to the streets against a very corrupt government. Out on the streets both Muslim and Christian Lebanese are demonstrating against huge price rises and shortages, while the rich are still flaunting their ill-gotten gains.

This is the time for the leaders of the Iranian and Arab revolutions to show their wisdom, and in Iran to withdraw the huge increases in the price of petrol, which are hitting the poorest.

In Iraq, Iran, and the Lebanon the corrupt officials must be removed and the unity of the struggling people established to prevent the US and the UK ruling classes using the divisions to intervene.

The shortages and the privations that the US onslaught with its vicious sanctions has exacted must be fought by the masses and their leaders with the whole of society sharing the privations and then organising entire nations for action to liberate the whole of the Middle East from imperialist domination and its Israeli enforcers.

In the West the working classes of the UK and the US must support the Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi and Iranian revolutions which are now under full blooded attack by the major imperialist powers.

In the UK the trade unions must organise for a complete boycott of Israeli goods, and must publicly condemn the blinding and killing of Palestinian journalists.

The unions must demand that the Labour Party pledges that it will recognise the state of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital, when it becomes the government after the election, and must assist Palestine in ending the illegal settlements.

Labour must also pledge to financially aid the state of Palestine and assist it in developing the necessary armed forces to defend itself.

Above all, it must call for the ending of sanctions and pledge that it will break them. The decisive way to assist Palestine and Iran must be for the US and UK working classes to bring down capitalism to go forward to socialism and to spread it worldwide.

The victory of the world socialist revolution will liberate the productive forces from the bonds of capitalism to create a new communist society worldwide.