Tory Party Forces Cameron To Fire Miller!


MARIA MILLER has been forced to resign.

After publicly displaying her arrogant determination to defy all the calls for her to go – a stance that was sponsored by her protector Prime Minister Cameron – she has been forced out by the Tory Party, which feared that she could play a major role in losing them the next general election.

Her protector Cameron has been forced to sack her.

She had angered the capitalist press by her role in bringing in the legislation that allows the state to begin to impose its control over the media, via the Royal Charter on newspaper regulation, the main product of the Leveson inquiry.

The bourgeois media was further inflamed when her aides had the nerve to threaten the media with Leveson ‘consequences’ if it carried on with the exposure of her expenses scandal. She has made Tory MPs furious, especially in the shires, by the way that she brought back to life the expenses scandals of MPs, that they thought had been well buried.

It emerged that while the Independent Parliamentary Commissioner for standards had previously recommended she repay £45,000, the lower sum of £5,800 was approved by the House of Commons Standards Committee, which has the final say on whether to accept the commissioner’s recommendations.

This was an action which sparked a backlash across the political spectrum with calls for changes and that MPs should have no power to rescue colleagues from repaying large sums of expenses. Then, when she was forced to apologise to the parliament, she could only spare the ruling capitalist state body 32 seconds of her time.

Tory MPs have been under siege by their constituents who have not appreciated her role in the second home saga, when many of their children have difficulty getting hold of one, at a time when many are suffering financially.

Many Tories also had no sympathy at all for her role in bringing in the same sex marriage legislation, that is more than frowned on by the majority of Tories, and is opposed by other pillars of the state, such as the Anglican Church.

As far as the working class is concerned it is good riddance to her. She was just another Tory big-wig, on the make, full of her own importance, possessing the supreme arrogance to skate over the consequences of all her actions, while doing the really dirty work for the ruling class.

She is hated by workers for her role as Minister for the Disabled when she shut down dozens of Remploy factories for the disabled. Over 80 of them have now been shut down in all, and thousands of disabled workers have been sacked, and scrapped and left with no prospect of employment.

Faced with a mass meeting of Tory MPs at the 1922 Committee yesterday afternoon, and the hostile response that both herself and Cameron were due to face, she had to go, or face the prospect of Cameron’s authority and his right to be Premier being seriously publicly questioned by his own party. This proved too much and she resigned.

As far as workers are concerned what has happened has exposed the supreme weakness of a Tory party, that finds itself threatened from the right by the UKIP anti-EU party, and faces the massive hostility of the working class and the majority of the middle class on its left.

Its austerity measures, its attacks on benefits including the bedroom tax, its wage cuts with families living off food banks, and its assault on the old, the youth and the unemployed has made it the most hated government since the Thatcher regime that was brought down in 1990 by the Poll Tax revolt.

Unite leader McCluskey has warned the Labour Party that if it loses the election because of its pro-Tory austerity policies then the unions may well break away from Labour.

Miller’s forced resignation has confirmed to workers that the way forward is not to wait for some election result, to see what way the weaker than weak Miliband will betray the working class, but for the trade unions to call a general strike to bring the Tory house of cards down and bring in a workers government and socialism.