Tory MPs demand May resigns while Labour refuses to call for her removal


THERESA May returned from her Easter break to face Tory MPs united in demanding her resignation.

Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee, met May to tell her that Tory MPs are demanding the date for her resignation.

Earlier on the BBC, Nigel Evans who sits on the 1922 executive board demanded that she resign immediately, saying that a contest to elect a new Tory leader couldn’t ‘start soon enough’.

Evans said, ‘I would be delighted today if she announced she would go.’ Not half as delighted as millions of workers who want to see the back of May and the entire Tory government!

Evans went on to say: ‘I hope she does accept the fact the call for her resignation now is growing in clamour. It’s not just within Westminster – we’ve heard the news that 70 chairs of Conservative associations throughout the country have now said that they reluctantly have no confidence in the prime minister.’

If May doesn’t resign, then Tory MPs will change the rules to allow a vote of no confidence in May as leader in June.

Driving the dump-May hysteria in the Tory party is the realisation that they face being wiped out in a general election and they are grasping at the straw of a change in leadership to keep the Tories from political oblivion.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party leadership is acting as her prop by continuing talks with her to reach a ‘consensus’ over Brexit.

While the Tories are demanding her immediate removal, it emerged yesterday that May is set to take personal charge of talks with Labour in a desperate attempt to save her skin by concluding a ‘deal’ with Corbyn over Brexit. Any deal would involve her agreeing to Corbyn’s demand for a permanent customs union keeping Britain tied indefinitely to the EU.

Instead of fighting to remove May and for an immediate general election, Labour MPs are intent on throwing her a lifeline. The right-wing majority of Labour MPs don’t want a general election that would see the Tories booted out and propel a Corbyn-led government to power.

Their great fear is that any such government would be forced by the working class to fulfil its pledges to end Tory austerity and embark on a mass nationalisation programme.

With the Tories in complete meltdown, the Labour Party is also split from top to bottom as the right wing battle to kill Brexit off entirely through their campaign to force a second referendum to reverse the Brexit vote.

With the two main parties hopelessly split and the old bourgeois parliamentary democratic system irretrievably broken, the move to a right-wing coalition between Labour and Tory MPs is emerging.

Yesterday, it was announced that about 50 MPs have formed a cross-party campaigning network to tackle issues ‘ignored’ because of Brexit.

Nicky Morgan, the former Tory minister and ardent Remainer, along with leading right-wing Labour MP David Lammy and the Liberal Democrat deputy leader Jo Swinson have founded the More United MP network.

Members of this ‘network’ will be able to lead cross-party campaigns and those who do will be eligible to receive money and volunteers from the movement at general elections.

This is nothing short of the declaration of a coalition party between the right-wing of Labour and Tory MPs supporting their own candidates both financially and on the doorstep in general elections against the official party they are supposed to belong to.

With the complete break-up of parliamentary democracy and the move towards a reactionary coalition to knife Brexit and carry on the savage austerity measures demanded by the bankers and bosses, the way forward for the working class is clear.

Workers must mobilise to kick out this weak discredited May government and bring in a workers government that will break with the EU and end the Tories’ permanent austerity by expropriating the bosses and bankers and placing the banks and major industries under workers’ management under a planned socialist economy.

This will win the support of workers across Europe and open the door for the overthrow of the capitalist EU and replacing it with the Socialist United States of Europe.