Tory hypocrites vow to create a land of ‘opportunity for all’


TORY leader Cameron treated his audience to a big dose of Tory hypocrisy yesterday, when he vowed in the final speech to the Tory Party conference to get behind business to create ‘a land of opportunity for all’.

TORY leader Cameron treated his audience to a big dose of Tory hypocrisy yesterday, when he vowed in the final speech to the Tory Party conference to get behind business to create ‘a land of opportunity for all’.

Everybody inside the conference, and most of those outside of it, know full well that what Cameron is promising is a land of opportunity for the rich to screw the working class and the poor, in a way that they have not been able to do since the 1930s.

This is to be done by the tiny ruling class having a government that ruthlessly cuts benefits and abolishes many of them, and brings in zero-hours contracts so that workers are at the mercy of capital and have to wait for work until the boss is ready to employ them.

These ‘zero’ workers have no holiday pay or pensions. They have no rights, especially the right to work, and are completely at the mercy of the employer, at his beck and call, at his mercy as to whether they live or die.

That establishing this ‘land of hope and Tory’ means war against the trade unions is obvious.

The master plan of the war for a ‘land of opportunity’ is to make the unemployed work for no pay, otherwise they are to lose their Jobseekers Allowance and any other benefits that they are entitled to.

The idea is that these forced labourers for a pittance are to replace hundreds of thousands of public sector workers, that are in unions, getting union rates of pay and have jobs, holidays and sick pay.

Cameron’s land of hope and opportunity turns out to be based on millions of coolie no-wage labourers, and zero-hours contracts for the workers.

The super-enthusiasts for this ‘land of opportunity’ are talking about making the unemployed who refuse to work for nothing, and have had their benefits terminated, attend Jobcentres for 35 hours a week.

They are actually talking about getting back to the workhouses, and no doubt the debtors’ prisons that Charles Dickens so devastatingly exposed.

Cameron in his speech ‘of hope’ went even further and suggested that the day after a young person leaves school they should be given the alternative of working for no wages or losing their benefits, all of them, the Jobseekers allowance and Housing Benefit included.

The essence of this ‘land of hope and Tory’ proves to be a return to slave labour and the workhouse for the 16-25s who have no benefits and no homes.

If Cameron really wants to get serious abut ‘Tory Hope and Glory’ he could go further back to the days when capitalism was beginning.

Then the ‘work-shy’ were turned into vagrants and whipped, beaten and branded around the country until they conformed to the requirements of the bosses.

Cameron taunts the reformist Miliband that he wants to go back to the 1970s, when he wants to go back to the 1870s, to start with.

Cameron’s claim in his speech that Britain’s economy is finally ‘turning the corner’, is obvious tripe since his recovery is based on the introduction of forced labour and hand-to-mouth poverty for the mass of the people.

In a clear ruling class response to Miliband’s speech last week, in which he promised to freeze energy prices and increase corporation tax on big business, Cameron told Tory listeners, ‘Profits, tax cuts and enterprise … are not dirty, elitist words.

‘Because it’s not government that creates jobs, it’s businesses. It’s businesses that get wages in people’s pockets, food on their tables, hope for their families and success for our country.’

Poor Cameron has not yet grasped from his privileged ivory tower that capitalist big business and the bosses and bankers have destroyed tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of jobs and lives since 2008 and are still at it. Cameron’s wish to create a land of opportunity for these predators is to condemn the mass of humanity to a zero future.

There is only one way to answer the Tory onslaught to destroy the lives of the working class the middle class and the youth.

This is to make the TUC call a general strike to bring down the reactionary Tory-led coalition and to bring in a workers’ government and socialism.