Tory Chairman Quits While Johnson Skulks In Rwanda Hoping That Something Will Turn Up


THE TORY wipe-out in the two by-elections has left the great leader skulking in Rwanda, while his Tory Party chairman Dowden has resigned, writing that ‘We cannot carry on with business as usual. Somebody must take responsibility and I have concluded that in these circumstances it would not be right of me to stay in office.’

The implication is obvious that if Johnson had any principles outside the ‘right of self-preservation’, that he should take the same road and resign as PM.

In fact, the number of Tory MPs that have concluded that the completely unprincipled Johnson has run his course and must be replaced, is growing rapidly.

The implication is that Johnson had better scuttle back home to deal with the legion of disaffected Tory MPs to stand a chance of keeping his job.

At home the pot is really boiling, with the RMT being told by ministers that they will have to accept redundancies, and also that if they dare continue with their strike actions they will face new anti-union laws that will bankrupt the unions.

The Tories led by Johnson have declared war on the trade unions, at the same time as their desire to surround Russia has led to massive food price inflation worldwide, with food and oil prices leaping on a daily basis pauperising millions of people.

The bourgeoisie has caused the crisis and now the workers are being told that if they strike for wage rises, they will face their trade unions being bankrupted by massive fines, while their wages are cut on a daily inflationary basis.

Already, the TUC has been forced to condemn Tory plans to provoke strikes and then to bring in agency staff to break them.

The capitalist crisis, and the way that it is rapidly deepening, is pushing the government forward to take up the position that the trade unions are the enemy and nothing will be right in the UK until they are gagged, bound and robbed by severe anti-trade unions laws.

The just-announced new laws begin with bringing in agency workers who are paid to be strike-breakers and move on to proposing quadrupling penalties for trade unions carrying out illegal strikes from £250,000 to £1 million fines, for the biggest trade unions.

The trade unions and the TUC must now see that the crisis of the Tory Party reflects the crisis that is, in fact, the death agony of the capitalist system.

The time is fast approaching in the UK the EU and the USA, when millions of workers will support the struggle for systemic change, to get rid of the capitalist system by means of the socialist revolution.

The TUC must now be forced into action to defend the jobs, wages, basic rights and living standards of the working class .

The rail strike must be turned into a general strike.

The next time that the RMT takes action, the whole of the trade union movement must come out with it.

There must be demands that satisfy the basic requirements of the working class. The key is inflation and the way that it destroys wages and living standards.

The trade unions must demand a sliding scale of wages, that keeps pace with rises in the cost of living, to safeguard the standard of living of the working class. At the same time unions must demand a sliding scale of hours so that no workers are sacked, and that recession leads to a cut in hours and not wages.

If the bosses say that they cannot afford such changes, then the working class must respond that it is time for them to leave the scene of history.

Workers are entitled to decent living standards and these demands help to organise the working class as a class to fight capitalism for the victory of the socialist revolution.

Today capitalism can be seen to be collapsing and to be in its death agony. What is required is the unity of the working class and the building of the revolutionary leadership. Now is the time for the masses of workers and youth to join the WRP and the YS to lead the British socialist revolution!