Tories Want To Bomb Syria!


TORY Defence Minister, Michael Fallon, with the full support of Cameron and leading members of the Labour Party, is calling for Britain to start bombing ISIS positions in Syria.

Having been badly defeated in 2012 over his plans to join in a military attack on Syria to overthrow president Assad, Cameron is now relying on gaining the support of the Labour Party this time round, using the outrage over the massacre of British tourists in Tunisia as a lever.

The whole plan to bomb ISIS in Syria is an expression of the desperate crisis that imperialism finds itself in throughout the region – a crisis which the imperialists themselves created, and are now trying, once again, to bomb their way out of.

It must never be forgotten that ISIS is a product of the carnage wrought by the military invasion of Iraq to overthrow the secular regime of Saddam Hussein and destroy the country. This created the conditions in which the Islamist groups could flourish. These then moved from Iraq to Libya following the trail of destruction and anarchy created by imperialism’s bombing campaign and subsequent murder of Colonel Gadaffi.

Once again, a modern, advanced and secular country, where all religious groups were tolerated, was smashed up by imperialism in its quest for domination of the region and its mineral and oil wealth, creating fertile ground for the Islamists to move into and flourish.

However, the campaign instigated by the US and British imperialists, supported by their European counterparts along with fellow NATO member Turkey, to carry out a third regime change in Syria did not go according to plan.

The Syrian people and army have rallied behind Assad and their resistance has created a huge problem. Once again, the chaos caused by these imperialist wars produced ISIS, financed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which quickly moved from being just an ally of imperialism against Assad, to founding a 12th century Caliphate. The latest developments clearly demonstrate the links between these jihadists and imperialism.

A recent split in the ranks of ISIS saw the creation of the Al-Nusrah front, whose leader, Jolani, has complained that ISIS was not serious enough about ‘fighting the regime of President Assad’ and made it clear that his orders were not to attack the West but to join with the ‘rebel alliance’ set up by US imperialism to fight the Syrian army.

The real enemy for them is Assad and the allies of the Syrian people like Hezbollah. Their real aim, shared with the USA, is to ‘cut off the hands of Iran in the region’. British and US planes that begin by bombing ISIS in Syria will continue to bomb Damascus to remove President Assad. The US is already sending specially trained mercenaries and Islamists to Syria to ‘fight both ISIS and Assad’.

The latest attempt to drive through parliament an agreement to engage in military action outside international law is in fact an escalation of the war to bring down Assad, to strengthen the so-called rebel army and facilitate the smashing up of another modern secular state, and to aim a blow at the struggle of the Palestinian people and their allies.

The UK is knee deep in the slaughter of Arab people in the Middle East. It is a fact that the UK since the 50-day Israeli blitz on Gaza, has stepped up its arming of Israel! Peace can never be brought to the Middle East by imperialist wars and imperialist mass bombing terror campaigns. As the bombs rain down, millions of new ‘martyrs’ are being created.

There is only one way to stop jihadist groups like ISIS and Al-Nusrah and that is to deal with the cause of imperialist wars, world imperialism itself. Peace can only be achieved in the Middle East, and terrorism vanquished, by the US and UK working classes putting an end to capitalism and imperialism with socialist revolutions at home.

These will allow the creation of a free Palestine and the creation of a socialist Middle East free from the grip of Saudi and Qatari billionaires. Imperialist bombing campaigns only intensify the crisis and multiply the numbers of terrorists!