Tories Open Up The Battle Against Socialism


THE content of the ‘devolution campaign’, which has now developed into the ‘Home Rule for England campaign’ was revealed yesterday when Tory Justice Secretary Grayling told the Sunday Telegraph that the constitutional shake-up after the Scottish independence referendum must deliver a new deal for England. English MPs alone must have the final say over English laws, he said.

He added that the Scottish parliament should not receive more powers over tax, welfare and spending while Scottish MPs can still ‘shape the destiny’ of the NHS, education and justice systems in England and force ‘socialist policies’ on their southern neighbours. Socialism has become a foreign policy that the Scots force on their southern neighbours!

The Tory party is now readying itself to fight the next general election on a Home Rule for England basis, and to establish that only English MPs can vote on matters connected with England, such as on the NHS, and education.

Cameron is ripping up 300 years of British parliamentary government, by waving the flag of English nationalism as the only way to keep the unity of the Tory party, under conditions where his own misleadership led him into a devolution fight with the Scottish people that he would have badly lost, had not the Brown section of the Labour leadership rushed to his rescue.

The plan was to take on the SNP, and soundly whip it in a referendum as the best way of cementing his own leadership in the Tory party.

All appeared to be going well, until it became clear that masses of Scottish workers who hate Tories and have contempt for the Labour leaders, who betrayed them from 1997 to 2010, made the decision to hit back at the Tories by voting SNP.

The resulting movement shook Cameron, Obama, Merkel and all. As is their role, the Labourites were then called in to rescue Cameron with ‘The Vow’.

The SNP proved to be a paper tiger. The facts are that Salmond could not even get a ‘Yes’ majority vote in his own area, and polls show that 14% of those who voted SNP in the last Scottish parliamentary elections voted ‘No’.

While the working class in Dundee and Glasgow piled into the fight, the rural petty bourgeoisie either stayed at home, or in large numbers voted ‘No’.

The appearance of the Glasgow and Dundee workers frightened them to the point where Salmond has quit the fight, and many nationalists are now saying that the party name should be changed to the Home Rule Party.

However, Brown had to offer major concessions to shore up the Labour pro-union vote.

Cameron, facing the sack, had no option but to support him, to the fury of hundreds of Tory MPs who opposed the concessions to the workers of Glasgow and Dundee.

Now, to save his neck and the remnants of British capitalism, Cameron has had to state that Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs must be banned from voting on affairs that have in any way to do with Engand, and that this must be agreed at the same time as the Scottish concessions. A draft Scotland bill is to be published by January 2015.

The Cameron line is that an agreement must be reached before January 2015 to scrap the parliamentary system that has functioned for over 300 years or else the Scots cannot have their concessions, and a state of virtual civil war will exist, with Home Rule for England the battle cry of the Tory party in the 2015 eelction.

The Tory party is to be an exclusively English party.

What the Tories now want is an English parliament as the centre for a counter-revolution that in the event of a Labour government will see the Tories use their English-only voting tactic to carry on ruling in England.

They will be able to vote to completely privatise the NHS and educaton in England, thumbing their noses at the elected government of the UK.

The Tories are seeking to be able to carry through a counter-revolution against Socialism, in opposition to the legally elected government of the UK. They should remember what happened in the 1640s.

In fact, the only way forward for the workers is for the working class of Wales, Scotland and England to unite in a socialist revolution to smash capitalism to go forward to socialism and a British workers republic.