Tories Are Behaving Like Rats Caught In A Trap Of Their Own Making!


PM MAY, having suffered her third defeat  in the House of Commons over her Brexit deal with the EU is now completely disorientated, while the Tory Party is wallowing in its death agony.

Despite her support for ‘Remain’, May was appointed Tory leader after the 2016 Referendum ‘Leave’ vote, with the job of riding out the Brexit storm.

She began with a brave face becoming a temporary supporter of Brexit, unveiling the policy of ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’.

She opportunistically called a general election in 2017 so sure was she that she had fooled the public, and would emerge stronger out of it, only to discover that the electorate had seen through her disguise. She was returned with no majority. She had to endure the humiliation of offering the DUP a £1bn bribe (a modern version of ‘Danegeld’) to ensure that the DUP vote would keep her in office.

She then revealed her essence, going from ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’, to a bad deal is better than no deal’, and finally to ‘no deal’ is out of the question.

This is what big business wanted and she delivered.

She then agreed the ‘Backstop’ with the EU. It was designed, using the need for no hard border in Ireland, to keep the UK in the EU Customs Union, until the EU agreed to its removal.

The DUP opposed the ‘Backstop’. She, however, refused to give the EU an ultimatum to dump the Backstop or face ‘no deal’.

Not only did she lose the support of the DUP, she also lost the support of the Brexit wing of the Tory Party, who want to make a break with the EU and the European Court of Justice. She has been unable to  carry her deal in Parliament. It has now been defeated for the third time.

Now, unless the UK opts for ‘no deal’ on the new leaving date, on April 12,  the UK will be locked into the EU, and will have to accept  hosting the European elections, the ultimate humiliation for the 17.4 million majority who voted to leave in the 2016 Referendum.

The Tory Party is now disintegrating. May has threatened to call another snap General Election. Many Tories are warning that  this will see several rival Tory Parties and rival Tory candidates taking the field, and lead to electoral disaster.

Meanwhile, Leadsom, the leader of the House of Commons has written a letter signed by 10 Cabinet members  which insists that the UK must leave the EU no later than May 22nd to avoid having to hold European elections. The signatories include Home Secretary Javid, Foreign Secretary Hunt, Michael Gove and Penny Mordaunt.

However, yesterday, John Major former Tory PM spoke up about the need for a ‘government of national unity’, to oversee Brexit and agree a Customs Union with the EU.

He is not alone. Unite leader Len McCluskey said:    ‘The deadlock can only be broken by a General Election or by a free vote across the Commons on the range of options available. On Monday, MPs should agree a new approach based around a Customs Union between Britain and the European Union.’

With today featuring the beginning of a number of days of ‘indicative voting’, it is expected that Labour and Tory MPs will come up with a joint resolution proposing a permanent Customs Union with the EU and an alignment with its single market.

This will be supported by May and Tory Remainers and opposed by Tory Brexiteers. It will need Labour votes to get it passed by the House of Commons.

Such support is now beginning to emerge. It will lead to a national government arrangement to see the UK-EU Customs Union single market remains  with the UK in it.

It will be counter-revolution in action. The working class will have been robbed of its 2016 vote. Workers must rise up to stop Brexit being stabbed in the back by a Tory-Labour national coalition.

The UK must leave the EU without a deal, and the    working class must bring down the May government and replace it with a workers’ government. This will nationalise the banks and the major industries and begin  a socialist revolution that will spread throughout Europe, and put an end to European capitalism, bringing in the Socialist United States of Europe.