The TUC must call a general strike to bring down the Tories and start arming the Palestinian masses!


UNTIL NOW ISRAEL has been able to kill an average of 100 children every day in its relentless bombing campaign on the besieged Gaza Strip.

In a report released on Tuesday, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory said it had documented the killing of 1,046 Palestinian children by 16 October and the injury of 3,250, including at least 1,240 children who need specialised medical care.

It also noted that 167 children are estimated to be under the rubble of residential buildings destroyed in Israeli aerial assaults. The rights watchdog further described the children of Gaza as the first target of the ongoing ‘mass slaughter’ against Palestinians.

This slaughter continued when at least 500 Palestinian civilians, men, women and children, were killed in an Israeli airstrike on Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in the besieged Gaza Strip. Many children in the Gaza Strip suffered horrific burns, shell wounds and loss of limbs, as well as the psychological impact and terror.

Hundreds of photos and video clips show the smashing of children’s heads, and shrapnel penetrating small stomachs and hearts, at a time when the scattered rubble of residential buildings destroyed above the heads of their residents, it said.

In a statement on Tuesday, Abdul Latif Al-Qanoua, a spokesman for the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement, said the ‘Israeli criminal occupation continues its genocidal war against civilians, but it will be defeated, whether the battle is long or short,’ he added.

Qanoua also stressed that the will of resistance and the Qassam Brigades, Hamas military wing, is stronger than the destructive force of the Israeli occupation.

So far the Tel Aviv regime has killed 3,500 Palestinians in its relentless airstrikes. It has also blocked water, food and electricity to the Gaza Strip, plunging the coastal sliver into a humanitarian crisis.

The Palestinian people have engaged in an extraordinary armed uprising against the Zionist entity, which has repeatedly and flagrantly spurned every single peaceful attempt to secure justice for Palestine.

Taking the Zionists by surprise, the audacious military offensive by Palestinian freedom fighters began in the early hours of Saturday morning on October the seventh when they breached the Israel lines and inflcted a humiliating defeat on the Zionist gangsters.

Military bases were seized by the resistance and Israel’s Merkava tanks were captured and taken back to Gaza. Settlements nearby, whose residents had previously watched on hilltops while Gaza was bombed, were seized by the resistance.

Over 100 settlers have been taken as prisoners of war by the resistance. The vast majority are members of the occupation forces. Some are extremely high ranking figures, like general Nimrod Aloni, commander of the Depth Corps, and former commander of the 143rd ‘Gaza’ Division. He was unceremoniously marched from his bed, in his underwear, by the resistance forces.

Before Israel launched its genocidal aerial bombardment campaign in Gaza, it was caught by complete surprise by the Hamas operation, which gave the resistance an upper hand and put the occupying entity on the verge of extinction.

The strategic implications for the United States and Israel of the military operation by the Palestinian resistance factions have driven them into a frenzy, which produced the Baptist hospital massacre of up to 700 people and children.

The massive fight of the Palestinian people has produced many results, one of them was that various Palestinian and Arab leaders cancelled their meeting with US President Biden.

Another is a notable shortage of US weaponry, which has been effectively destroyed in the Ukraine. A little known US stockpile of ammunition held in Israel has been depleted by supplies to Ukraine. Current Pentagon plans to increase production will not even keep pace with the 6,000 shells expended each day by the Ukrainians.

To win the Palestinian struggle the working class of the world must come to the aid of the Palestinian masses.

In Britain millions of workers support Palestine. The TUC must be made to call a general strike of all the trade unions to bring down the Tories and to bring in a workers government and socialism. Its first action will be to arm the Palestinian masses to assist them overthrowing the Israeli ruling class and to bring in a Workers Republic.

This is the way forward. Victory to the British and Arab revolutions to smash imperialism once and for all and to go forward to world socialism!