Syrian Army poised for victory in Aleppo


THE news at the weekend that the Syrian army had successfully driven Jaysh al-Fateh out of the western areas around Aleppo marks another decisive victory over the Western-backed terrorists groups and paves the way for the complete routing of imperialism in the country.

Jaysh al-Fateh is the name of the jihadist-led coalition that includes the official branch of al-Queda in Syria and various other terrorist groups that have affiliated to the ‘Free Syrian Army’ backed and armed by the US. This victory restored to Syrian government control areas that had been seized by the jihadists some weeks ago in an attempt to break out of Aleppo where they now face complete defeat.

The prospect of their terrorist allies being defeated in their stronghold of Aleppo has driven the imperialist powers into a frenzy, as they see their plans to effect regime change by overthrowing President Assad and replacing him with a puppet government hit a brick wall.

The increasingly desperate measures by imperialism to secure victory over the Syrian people, including Hilary Clinton’s fervent support for the proposed no-fly zone to be introduced over Syria and enforced by NATO warplanes, point to the weakness of imperialism in the face of the Syrian people’s resistance.

Alongside the campaign for direct military intervention, even at the risk of shooting down Russian planes, has been the propaganda war to paint the Syrian army and the Russian’s as barbaric murderers of innocent people. The killing of civilians by US-led coalition airstrikes detailed in a recent report by Amnesty International are ignored or dismissed as unavoidable ‘accidents’, with imperialism’s murderous war against Syria painted as an act of humanitarianism in contrast to Russia and Syria’s ‘crimes against humanity’.

The latest example of how the truth is turned on its head in order to give a thin veneer of ‘humanitarianism’ to imperialist barbarism is to be found in the recent announcement that the ‘White Helmets’ are to be awarded a prize at the ‘Rising Global Peace Forum’ this week. The White Helmets is the name given to an organisation calling itself the Syrian Civil Defence for Aleppo.

The White Helmets were set up in 2013 by a British retired military officer, James Le Mesurier, who according to Scott Ritter, the former weapons inspector in Iraq who exposed the lies about Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, ‘had experience in the murky world of private security companies’.

What is beyond doubt is that unlike other aid agencies like the Syrian Red Crescent, the White Helmets enjoy a huge amount of financial support from Western governments for their work exclusively in areas controlled by rebel jihadists. This work, the White Helmets claim, has saved the lives of over 60,000 people in Aleppo.

However this group has been the subject of intense scrutiny with a number of groups and individuals disputing their claim to be a purely humanitarian organisation, citing the group’s murky origins and its apparent immunity from retribution at the hands of the jihadist groups not known for their tolerance of other humanitarian aid groups.

But what is indisputable, is that the White Helmet leaders are in no doubt which side they are on with their calls for military intervention by the imperialists and support for the no-fly zone.

Their website directs visitors to a page containing a petition for a no-fly zone to ‘stop the bombs’ in Syria. For this combination of a humanitarianism while championing imperialist war against the Syrian people and their legitimate government, the White Helmets have won the adoration of the bourgeois press with the Guardian newspaper demanding in its editorial back in October that they be given the Nobel Prize for peace while in the same piece the Assad government and Russians were damned for unleashing ‘untold levels of violence’.

The violence and destruction were not caused by Assad but are the direct outcome of imperialism’s desperate attempt to re-conquer the region for the exploitation of its wealth. All the ‘peace prizes’ in the world will not stop the victory of the Syrian people or dent the overwhelming support they have from the working class and people of the world for the fight against imperialist