Syria wins the war! Foreign Sec Hunt admits Assad is here to stay! Workers of the UK: rise up to bring Tories down!


TORY Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has admitted for the first time that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will remain in office. Hunt made the remark on Thursday, as Syrian government troops, with the help of Russia’s air cover, have managed to restore full control over vast regions of the country once occupied by terrorists.

‘The British long-standing position is that we won’t have lasting peace in Syria with Assad in power,’ Hunt said, but added that ‘We do think he’s going to be around for a while, and that is because of the support that he’s had from Russia.’

Syria has been infected by foreign-backed terrorists since 2011. The Israeli regime and its Western and regional allies, namely the US, UK and Saudis have been arming, organising and training Takfiri terrorist groups for the last eight years.

In a bid to eliminate terrorists and liberate the Syrian people, Russian warplanes have been carrying out air raids against targets belonging to IS and other terror outfits inside Syria at the Damascus government’s formal request since September 2015.

The airstrikes have significantly helped Syrian forces drive the terrorist forces out.

Russia announced that 23,000 terrorists were eliminated over the course of the offensives. A total of 159 battle tanks, 57 armoured vehicles, more than 900 cannons and nearly 3,000 pickup trucks with machine guns mounted on them were destroyed as well.

Meanwhile, the US has admitted defeat in Syria, reiterating its plans to pull its troops out: ‘We’re getting out, we’re getting out smart,’ US President Trump said during a Cabinet meeting, in response to reporters’ questions about US forces there. ‘And we’re winning,’ he claimed wildly. ‘I never said we’re getting out tomorrow. We’re getting out of Syria, but we’re getting out very powerfully.’ Trump announced plans last month to withdraw 2,000 US troops from Syria over the next four months.

And in the last pocket of terrorism in Idlib, as it dawns on rival terror groups that they have been totally defeated, they have begun fighting amongst themselves. More than 500 terrorists have been killed, many of them summarily executed, after infighting spread among the ranks of militant groups in Syria’s Idlib province, pan-Arab al-Mayadeen TV reported yesterday. The infighting broke out after al-Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) occupied territories held by Turkish-backed NFL militants in Aleppo province.

Seven years ago – around 10 months after the outbreak of terrorism in Syria – President Bashar al-Assad made a solemn assertion, which is today proving to be true. He said in an address to a group of Syrian youth, ‘Soon after the crisis, you will see the same Arab countries that are now hatching plots against us return to Damascus to apologise.’

In the last week, Kuwait said it expects more Arab countries to reopen their embassies in Damascus in the ‘coming days’. The UAE and Bahrain have already announced that they are restoring their embassies in Damascus. The Assad government forces have won the war and now they are winning the peace. Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees are returning. The Damascus airport is open for business. The Syrian national museum has re-opened. Homes are being re-built, families are returning to their towns and villages and students are resuming their studies.

The plan of the imperialists was to flood Syria with foreign-backed terrorists to wreak havoc throughout the country and create the conditions to overthrow Syrian President Assad. In this, they have failed, and failed spectacularly. President Assad is more popular then ever. Anywhere he and his wife go to visit the people of towns and villages liberated from the forces of terror, they are met with vast cheering crowds.

Tory Foreign Secretary Hunt’s latest admission is the nail in the coffin for their Syrian adventure. Syria’s victory will spur the people of Palestine on, driving them forward in their struggle to force the world to recognise the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and the right of return of every single Palestinian refugee. Workers in the UK must give their full support to the Palestinians, and to the people of the Middle East! The best way to support the people of the Middle East in their struggle is to rise up against Hunt, May and the Tory party in a general strike to bring them down!