Soros backed ‘Fifth Column’ calls for second EU referendum – Workers must force the UK out of the EU now!


THE EU Brexit chief negotiator has declared that he is not prepared to compromise with the UK government over the decision of the British people to leave the EU.

Michel Barnier told the US channel Vice News: ‘It is the decision of the British to leave the union that has created the problem. No one else. Nothing else. ‘What is sometimes hard for the British to understand is that we don’t want to negotiate, we don’t want to compromise on who we are. They want to leave, it is their choice to leave.’

Barnier has dismissed all of the UK’s Brexit proposals as ‘unacceptable’, declaring that May’s plans for a customs arrangement with the EU – a customs partnership or Max Fac alternative – was not possible. For good measure during a meeting with members of the EU’s Brexit steering group, Barnier said: ‘Given the rather volatile British political situation, I recommend that we remain very united and clear about our objectives and principles.

He said: ‘They have two proposals which are being debated with British ministers. Neither of those proposals are operational or acceptable to us.’ In the video of the group meeting, Roberto Gualtieri, Italian MEP, member of the EU’s Brexit steering group responded: ‘Indeed, I agree with you that the two options on customs are totally unacceptable.’

That this is the EU attitude is no surprise, since the ex-Greek Chancellor Varoufakis has continually warned the UK that the EU would not negotiate. He described how, after Greece’s anti-austerity Syriza government won a huge electoral mandate in 2015, the EU ruthlessly clamped down. Its central bank cut off emergency liquidity for private banks, bringing Greece to its knees. Syriza was forced to capitulate to EU demands, causing untold misery to ordinary Greeks and an unemployment rate of 23.5 per cent.

Although Varoufakis advises May ‘to avoid negotiation at all costs’, he said she must talk to the EU in good faith, while making clear Britain will not cave in to threats. The sum of the ‘remainer’ May’s ‘achievement’, is to get more entangled with the EU Commission than ever before in long drawn out negotiations, going nowhere except to the point of capitulation. Indeed the battle to keep the UK in the EU is now being stepped up with the arrival of George Soros in the UK who has put over £500,000 into the ‘Best for Britain’ campaign to secure a second referendum, to reject the decision of the first.

Soros made his name by forcing the Bank of England out of the ERM, the Exchange Rate Mechanism, which was preparing the way for the UK to join the Euro single currency. What matters to Soros is not principle but profits. He is now terrified that the EU is about to collapse and with it will go down all of his ill-gotten gains. This is why he is determined to reverse the UK Brexit referendum.

His arrival in the UK with his unlimited funds has coincided with an open letter signed by eight Labour backbenchers, including four former shadow ministers, along with the Liberal Democrats’ Sir Vince Cable, and the party’s Brexit spokesman, Tom Brake, calling for a second referendum. The Labour signatures are MPs David Lammy, Tulip Siddiq, Wes Streeting, Mike Gapes, Neil Coyle, Rupa Huq, Virendra Sharma and Gareth Thomas. The letter states: ‘I believe we must have a final say, a people’s vote, on Theresa May’s Brexit deal. That vote must be between taking the deal and exiting the EU or keeping the deal we currently have.’

The letter has been coordinated by the Soros bankrolled ‘Best For Britain Campaign’, with the group describing its action as a ‘turning point’. This anti-Corbyn rebellion has now been joined by 15 Labour MPs in London signing a letter demanding that Corbyn support a second referendum. This has been followed by the launching of a new campaign by a section of his ‘left-wing supporters,’ called the ‘Left Against Brexit’. It has announced a nationwide tour this summer as they attempt to halt Britain’s departure from the EU. However, these lackeys of the EU are making a huge mistake if they consider that the UK working class can be either intimidated or bought by Soros’ ill gotten gains.

Workers must now mount their own summer campaign. It must mobilise for the UK to leave the EU at once, for all MPs who have signed the anti-Corbyn letters to be deselected, and that the May government is brought down by a general strike and replaced with a workers government. A workers government must expropriate the bosses and the bankers in the UK to carry out the British socialist revolution. There is no doubt that this will spread like wildfire throughout the EU and replace the bankers and bosses EU with the Socialist United States of Europe where the working class will rule.