Right wing getting ready to split the Labour Party!


THE hysterical witch-hunting of Jeremy Corbyn that is being carried out by the bourgeois media, marshalled by Labour’s right wing pro-Tory rebel MPs, is a sure sign that the ruling class in the UK are desperately worried that they are about to lose their second eleven – that is a bourgeoisified parliamentary Labour Party ready to step into the breach and carry on with Tory policies should their current government be collapsed by its own sharpening internal contradictions.

n fact the ruling class no longer looks upon bourgeois democracy as a system that they can rely on 100% in any and every eventuality to rescue their fortunes if they are threatened.

The ruling class was deeply shocked at the Brexit ‘mutiny’ and had to step in to ensure that there was no opportunity for the Tory rank and file to elect their leader, one shock was enough. The 1922 Committee squashed the opposition to May, who learnt just as she was launching her nine-week election campaign for the leadership, that it had just been cancelled.

So, currently the bosses are relying on a Tory Party with a small majority, still split into two warring factions, to weather the storms and catastrophies that the world crisis of capitalism is creating. This is why Corbyn’s advance, which began as a farce, that it was his turn to put a democratic face on a leadership election, ended up as a massive threat, once the masses of disaffected Labour supporters began to have their say.

His election was the cue for the revolt of right wing Labour MPs. For months they have committed treason as far as their party is concerned, by abandoning publicly the elected Corbyn leadership, by walking out of the shadow cabinet, and by making it clear on every possible occasion, that they opposed Corbyn, and would not stop until they had removed him.

They sought to turn him into a laughing stock, by publicly humiliating him in the House of Commons with their lack of support. To their astonishment, the revolutionising of the general population that led to the Brexit mutiny, then expressed itself inside the Labour Party by a determination of the mass membership to stand with Corbyn, and for new members to join in their tens of thousands to do the same.

The Blairite mutineers are not laughing now, indeed they are taking on the mantle of a persecuted minority, which does however has the support of the bourgeois press and TV media plus the open support of the ruling class. They are in fact pariahs as far as the working class is concerned and the toast of the town as far as the ruling class is concerned.

Apparently they are very upset that they are not too popular with Labour Party members. What do they expect? After all they are stabbing the party leadership in the back on every occasion that they can, every day that they can!

It is becoming clearer that when Corbyn wins the forthcoming election the right wing will neither see sense and accept the decision nor come to heel. Their leaders will do what the Tories want – that is split from the Labour Party, forming a Tory support group in the House of Commons, some ‘Continuity Labour Party’, to allow the Tories to call a general election, with them prepared to split the Labour vote, handing the Tories a record victory.

However, once again, these are revolutionary times, the Brexit vote spelt that out for everybody to see. A right wing split will see a mass of new Labour parliamentary candidates come forward, to win the vote of all workers who want to see the Tories out of office, and to defeat the Labour splitters.

Workers who want a Labour government will not vote for the Tory-loving Labour right wing, whatever political form it takes. The next Labour government will be elected in a situation of huge economic and political crisis, when the job that was begun in 1945 will have to be completed by a socialist revolution if the gains of 1945 are to be retained.

What will be decisive in this situation is the building up of the revolutionary leadership of the WRP and the Young Socialists and their ability to lead the working class forward to the taking of power through a socialist revolution. This is the job that history is demanding be done – after all the centenary year of the 1917 October Revolution will be just the time to do it!