Please help us – Hague appeals to Russia & China!


SPEAKING at the Royal United Services Institute on Thursday, British Foreign Secretary Hague reported that: ‘On January 16th, a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb attacked a gas production facility in the Algerian desert. Thirty-nine hostages from nine countries died, including six British nationals. It was the largest and most complex attack affecting UK citizens since the 7/7 bombings. It naturally raises questions about the threat posed by Al Qaeda and its affiliates, and how we work with others to reduce that threat.’

The attackers came from over the nearby border from Libya and were armed with weapons that had been provided to ‘revolutionaries’ by the UK and France. As well, their comrades, and maybe themselves, had earlier this year killed the US ambassador to Libya. These factors raised issues Hague did not even try to answer.

In fact, the end result of the UK government’s policy of supporting Arab Islamist movements against Arab nationalist leaders is the current Foreign Office advice for all UK citizens to stay out of Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Palestine, where they stand to be murdered by these same Islamist buddies of Cameron, Hague and the British ruling class.

Hague wasn’t joking when he said: ‘ The assassination of an opposition leader in Tunisia and the attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi demonstrate the security challenges in Arab Spring countries. And that is why we are providing the new Libyan government with advice and technical assistance on police and defence reform, public security, and building justice systems that protect human rights.’

It is well known that a faction of the Libyan government is in fact organising the attacks that Hague complained about.

He then raised the issue of Syria where the UK has been one of the sponsors of the Islamists who have flocked there from the UK, and all over the Middle East, North Africa and even Chechnya, as an imperialist Foreign Legion to bomb the Bathists out of power.

He said: ‘But Syria is now the number one destination for jihadists anywhere in the world today. This includes a number of individuals connected with the United Kingdom and other European countries.

They may not pose a threat to us when they first go to Syria, but if they survive some may return ideologically hardened and with experience of weapons and explosives. The longer the conflict continues, the greater this danger will become, a point that should not be lost on policy makers in Russia and elsewhere…’

Hague has admitted that the UK Islamists that have been exported to Syria to bomb Assad, are simply in training to do the same here!

He now urges: ‘A negotiated agreement leading to a new government formed of the opposition and elements of the regime, on the basis of mutual consent, is the best way to chart a way out of Syria’s divisions. We want Russia and China to join us in achieving this transition, backed by the United Nations Security Council.’

He is now appealing to the Russian and Chinese Stalinists to rescue British imperialism from the disaster that it has created.

In fact, the bankrupt British bourgeoisie knows no other way forward than organising bloodbaths.

Hague continued: ‘But there is a serious risk that the violence will worsen and we must keep open options to help save lives in Syria and to assist opposition groups that are opposed to extremism. So we are working with other European countries now to amend EU sanctions so that the possibility of additional assistance is not closed off.’

They are still pouring more petrol onto the fire, regardless of the fact that it will end with London being bombed by their allies.

The UK trade unions must demand that the British government stops interfering in Syria, and that the Cameron-Hague-Clegg government resigns, to make way for a workers’ government and socialism.

Hague and Cameron should be sent for trial to The Hague on war crimes charges!