Palestine’s Heroic Masses Stand Up To Israeli Terrorism And Are Now Setting Conditions For Ceasefire!


THE HEROIC masses of Palestine have stood fast in the face of desperate Israeli terrorist missile attacks calculated to break the spirit and the bodies of the masses of the Gaza Strip – men, women, youth and very young children.

Palestinian men and women have said publicly that they sleep with their children at night, as many as ten people together, so that when Israel attacks their homes with missiles they will all either live or die together.

This is the indomitable spirit of the masses of Palestine who will not be beaten by the Zionist terrorist state of Israel, which is now without a government and is being run by the terrorist Netanyahu and the US-equipped Israeli military.

After US President Joe Biden said he wanted to secure a ceasefire, a Hamas spokesman said yesterday that everything has changed in Palestine, and that Israel will finally have to accept the conditions set by the resistance groups for the acceptance of a ceasefire. The deputy head of the Hamas resistance movement in the Gaza Strip said Israel had witnessed the Palestinian forces’ capabilities to deter its acts of aggression.

‘The Zionist enemy saw that the resistance front was able to deter it, and ruin its cities. The Zionists have failed to achieve any victory in the face of the sons of our nation,’ Khalil al-Hayya said late on Monday.

Meanwhile, a high-ranking Israeli military official said the Tel Aviv regime had seen the highest ever concentration of rocket attacks from the besieged Gaza Strip on Israel during the past week.

He admitted: ‘We were not fully prepared, and the volume of rockets fired from Gaza is the highest compared to the earlier confrontations’ – the Hebrew-language Walla news website quoted the leader of the Home Front Command, Major General Ori Gordin, as saying.

US President Biden has now voiced his support for a ceasefire after eight days of violent assaults by Israel on the Palestinian people.

He told Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the US was working with Egypt and other countries on halting hostilities. He will now find that the Palestinian masses will insist, as did Human Rights Watch in a report on April 27, that: ‘The oppression of Palestinians has reached a threshold and a permanence that meets the definitions of the crimes of apartheid and persecution.’

Palestine has already called on the Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC), Fatou Bensouda, to stand against the Israeli regime’s evictions of groups of Palestinians from their homes in the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah and their houses handed over to Jewish settlers.

Hamas will insist that the evicted Palestinians are returned to their homes, and that Palestinian elections must take place in East Jerusalem – which Israel is seeking to annex and which Palestinians are determined to have as their capital.

Hamas will demand an end to all Israeli settlements and that the Palestinian state must be established with East Jerusalem as its capital, and that Israel must pay massive compensation for its attempts to annihilate the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip.

The Palestine struggle has now won the support of the working class all over the world, including the UK.

Last Saturday’s mass rally and march in London saw 150,000 UK workers and youth demand victory for Palestine and the establishment of the Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

There will be an even bigger national march for Palestine in London this Saturday. This time round the TUC leadership must get off its knees and join the march and address its mass meeting.

It must speak out to state that the TUC trade unions recognise the State of Palestine, and will implement a boycott of all Israeli goods and services. It must call a one-day general strike to demand the UK government recognise the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and with all Palestinians having the right to return to the homes that were stolen off them after the UK government sponsored the Balfour Declaration that handed over Palestine to the Zionist Federation.

This is the least that the TUC must do. If it won’t, the current TUC leadership must be removed and replaced by leaders that will fight for Palestine!

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