New Syria War Planned Using Old ‘Wmd’ Lies!


THE war drums are beating with increasing intensity for armed intervention by imperialism into Syria to  effect the smashing up of the Assad regime, the overthrow of the secular state and the victory of the rag-bag of imperialist stooges, mercenaries and jihadists who comprise the ‘free Syrian army.’

This has been made clear in a report issued by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), described as a ‘defence think-tank’ but in fact an influential collection of retired senior military personnel with very close ties to the ministry of defence.

According to the paper produced by the RUSI entitled ‘Syria: A Collision Course for Intervention’ and authored by Colonel Richard Kemp – a former commander of imperialist troops in Afghanistan –  events over the past week have produced ‘a step change in the situation that will make a hands-off approach increasingly difficult to maintain.’

The military option envisaged by Kemp and his co-authors involves sending 300,000 troops into Syria, ostensibly to protect any chemical weapons (WMDs) from falling into the wrong hands. This is a revamp of the WMD lies that prepared the war in Iraq. The new slant is that the ‘fear’ is that the jihadists whom the West is backing and supplying and supporting against Assad and the Syrian people, will get their hands on these weapons!

Surely, many will reason, it would have been better to leave the Syrian people alone in the first place. However it is the capitalist crisis that is driving the imperialists to war, to re-divide the world, the stated reasons are the official lies for public consumption only.

This ‘step change’ the report refers to is the continuing failure of the Syrian rebels to overthrow Assad, despite being heavily armed by the imperialist agents of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

The refusal of the Syrian regime to simply roll over and collapse has created a situation where direct military intervention by the US and its British lap-dogs is being seen as the only way forward to secure the regime change they crave.

All this, of course, is masked by the usual howls from the imperialists and their mouthpieces in the press and television using the WMD lies that played such a huge part in preparing the Iraq slaughter.

As the report puts it Syria, unlike Libya or Iraq, will not just simply ‘implode’ but ‘will explode. . . with potentially catastrophic consequences.’

The workers of the world must vow ‘Never Again, our enemy is at home. If they invade Syria we will overthrow them!’

Imperialism, in its most repulsive ‘humanitarian’ guise, thought nothing of using gunships, fighter jets and cruise missiles to pound Libya and pave the way for the catastrophic break up of that country in the interest of overthrowing the government and securing Libyan oil.

It was the Imperialist powers that started the entire process of regime change and destabilisation that has caused the deaths of countless millions of innocent people, first through the illegal invasion of Iraq and the murder of Saddam Hussein followed by the arming and encouragement and finally the military support of the reactionary Libyan rebels, plunging that country into complete anarchy.

Now the imperialists have moved on to Syria with the next step being war to overthrow the Iranian regime as the necessary prerequisite for them to dominate and directly control the entire Gulf region and its huge oil wealth.

Driven by its world crisis, imperialism is risking complete Armageddon with the loss of hundreds of millions of lives, to preserve its backward out of date system.

The working class must come to the defence of Syria. Our enemy is at home! Peace can only be achieved worldwide through overthrowing imperialism, starting with British imperialism, and continuing to the the victory of the world socialist revolution.