Nato Murders Civilians In Tripoli Air Strikes


IN another night of terror, murder and horror NATO, allegedly making war on Libya to protect civilians from air attack, has been murdering defenceless men, women and children in Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

Since it started the war NATO air forces have rapidly become the air arm of the Benghazi counter-revolutionaries, in whose service they have now killed hundreds of Libyan civilians.

Their planes have flown thousands of sorties and have now been joined by helicopter gunships and SAS and mercenary forces on the ground.

NATO even has drone aircraft flying over the capital 24 hours a day, hoping to catch sight of Gadaffi, so that it can deliver what it hopes will be the coup de grace to the Libyan people’s struggle to retain control over their own country and its oil wealth.

They have already murdered young and child members of the Gadaffi family, in one of their murderous raids to kill Gadaffi.

However, their failures, and the fact that the Libyan masses have rallied behind the Colonel, have made them even more desperate to kill him at any cost.

It was this desperation to kill Gadaffi, and end the war, that led to Sunday morning’s raid on a family home, where five families were living in a three-storey house in a poorer area of the capital.

In this raid 10 people were killed and a number were wounded.

NATO is trying to maintain that the target was a surface-to-air missile site in northern Tripoli which it says was successfully hit. But there were no missiles in this three-storey domestic building – only men, women and children – Libyan civilians who have now become the main target of the war.

In fact, this desperate and bloody raid is evidence that NATO – having seen the Libyan masses rally to defend Gadaffi and their country – is moving onto the next stage of the war: this is to try and break the spirit of the Libyan civilian population before a ground operation is launched to try and take Tripoli.

The NATO alliance now clearly sees the Libyan people as the main enemy, to be destroyed from the air in an attempt to break the back of their revolutionary resistance.

Gadaffi, on Friday, said in a radio broadcast that the Libyan people were now armed, and their men, women and children are ready to meet the NATO ground forces as soon as such an attack is made.

Meanwhile, in London the architects of this desperate imperialist war, Cameron and Hague, are keeping their mouths shut over the war crimes being carried out by their forces from the air against the Libyan people.

The question is just how long is the trade union movement prepared to sit back and watch mass murder in Tripoli being committed in their name.

The Unison conference is taking place this week, and the other major trade union conferences are following, leading up to the September TUC Congress.

These conferences must carry emergency resolutions condemning the NATO dirty war against Libya and must call action, a national campaign to stop the war, and to withdraw all British air, sea and land forces back to the UK.

Every trade unionist must understand that the enemy is at home.

The same forces that are bombing Libyan civilians are behind the attacks on their jobs, wages, the NHS, the Welfare State and the future of their children.

The victory of the Libyan people will further weaken British imperialism and will indeed be our victory as well.

Victory to Libya! Bring down the coalition!