Nato air strikes clear way for counter-revolutionaries


IT is now crystal clear that the Nato airforces are in Libya to blast a way through the Libyan people, both fighters and civilians, for the rag-bag of counter-revolutionaries in Benghazi who are willing to front a puppet Libyan regime for the imperialist powers.

In recent days the forces of the ‘Transitional National Council’ of Libya have walked into several towns as they moved 150 miles to the west of the country, in the wake of savage Nato bombing actions.

There is only one reason why these counter-revolutionaries have enjoyed a turnaround of their fortunes and that is that they are the beneficiaries of a brutal Nato bombing campaign.

On Saturday the town of Ajdabiya was hit by numerous air strikes aimed at destroying the forces loyal to Colonel Gadaffi and the Libyan revolution.

On the same day air strikes were launched against the town of Sirte.

Sirte is the birthplace of Gadaffi and is a town where he has the unquestioned support of the population. The bombs and missiles that have rained down have been killing civilians and in no way defending them.

The fact that Nato’s barbaric missile and bombing campaign has already cost hundreds of civilian lives is now being dismissed as ‘unfortunate’ or by so-called Human Rights lawyers – that it is for the greater good.

Yesterday, the Secretary General of Nato, Anders Rasmussen, refused to give a straight answer to the question what would Nato forces do since it was the ‘rebels’ who threatened the lives of innocent people in Sirte.

Nato and the imperialist forces of the US, Britain and France are not neutral, they are the force behind the small gang of counter-revolutionaries who would collapse in hours without them.

Under the cover of Nato air strikes the counter-revolutionaries say that they will push on to the capital, Tripoli, a city that is home to nearly a third of the Libyan population and a city that has steadfastly opposed the imperialist invasion.

However, the likelihood is that the massive resistance both inside and outside Libya to the imperialist slaughter will make it very difficult for France, the UK and Nato to slaughter their way to Tripoli.

It is already a great embarrassment to the Russian and Chinese Stalinists that they gave the go-ahead, by refusing to use their veto, to the imperialist slaughter.

Thus, the scene is now set for the dirty work to be transferred to the Lancaster House conference to be held today, to discuss and deepen the Libyan crisis.

There, Cameron and Sarkozy will take the lead in recognising the so-called ‘Transitional Council’ as the provisional government of Libya, appeal for Libyan defectors to join it and then plan to effectively use their airpower to partition the country.

The gang of Benghazi counter-revolutionaries are already representing Libya at this carve-up Libya conference!

British workers are already opposed to the imperialist adventure in Libya. They know full well that they will have to pay the costs for this adventure in closed schools, hospitals and many more job losses.

They know that their enemy is not the Libyan people and that their enemy is at home, and it is the ruling class and its coalition regime.

Workers must demand that their unions take action to stop this war with a campaign of industrial and political action.

The trade unions must tell the coalition leaders that they must stop bombing Libya, and halt their Libyan intervention, otherwise the trade unions will call actions leading to a general strike to bring it down, to go forward to a workers government.

Only eight years after the slaughter in Iraq, the British ruling class is at it again terrorising the world in order to steal somebody else’s oil.

British imperialism must be brought down to size. Its coalition government must be brought down, and the bosses and bankers expropriated, to get rid of capitalism and imperialism and go forward to socialism.