May wants to put the UK into chains


WE already know that new legislation to be put forward by the government has as one of its features ‘internal relocation’ for British passport holders that the British state wishes to prevent from travelling abroad, or suspects of thinking dangerous thoughts while resident in the UK and passing such thoughts onto others.

Apparently thousands of police spies of all sorts are alleging that electronic counter-measures are preventing them spying at will on those that they are targeting, so that they now have to go back to the old methods of tailing suspects, using up valuable time and resources. Their spokesmen say that there are tens of thousands of people who are deemed to be enemies of the state and that the state will need a further huge army of spies, costing many billions, to carry out their tasks in this way.

Their answer is ‘internal relocation’ and establishing British gulags, where potential enemies of the state can be held and ‘reprogrammed’.

With this proposal we are back to the days of the war in Ireland and the imprisonment of hundreds in the Maze prison, interned without trial by jury, in judge dominated courts.

This procedure, if anything, stoked up the war in Ireland and saw 10 hunger strikers starve themselves to death in defiance of the British state. May is now forcing Britain onto that same road of class war to be waged by an ‘all powerful’ state machine.

It has emerged that ‘internal relocation’ is just one of the new weapons that the state wishes to have in its arsenal. The freedom of the web is now to be turned into an electronic prison with the capitalist state in charge!

Home Secretary May is to provide the state with the legal power to force companies to hand all details to police as requested identifying who was using a computer or mobile phone at any given time that the state requires.

To emphasise the mood of panic that is gripping the UK ruling class the new measure is expected to be introduced to the House of Commons this week, to allow police to identify and arrest suspects by having access to a computer or mobile device’s individual Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Each device has such an address, but they can change – such as when a modem is switched off and then on again – and are usually shared between different users. This is not good enough for the spies and enforcers of the capitalist state.

Big Brother is going to be watching you for every minute of the day and night, 24/7, with everybody a suspect until they have managed to prove themselves worthy of toleration by the capitalist state.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, May said the new bill would help security services ‘deal with the increased threat that we now see’.

However, the new bill is not the answer. ‘This is a step but it doesn’t go all the way to ensuring that we can identify all the people we will need to,’ she said. The new bill is already out of date and needs modifying! We are indeed on the slippery slope to a Tory police state.

To ‘fully identify’ everybody, she said police would need the power to access communication data, as was originally proposed in the Communication Data Bill.

‘It will still be the case, even with these IP addresses being within the legislation that the National Crime Agency. . . will still not be able to identify everybody who is accessing illegal content on the internet,’ she said.

Even her new measures are not adequate to the task of assuring the security of capitalism and the safety of its ruling class. Obviously the best solution is the G-Bay one, to lock them up and throw away the key. . . just in case they are guilty.

There must be no internment in the UK and no 24-hour surveillance of the web or the working class and the youth. These measures perfectly expose the fact that the capitalist class is no longer sure of its right to rule.

The defence of freedom from its would-be jailers requires that the working class organises the British socialist revolution to overthrow the rule of the bosses and bankers by smashing and destroying their capitalist state apparatus and bringing in socialism.