May Government In Its Death Agony – Labour Must Act To Bring Tory Government Down!


PM MAY is battling for her survival and the survival of her government with the big bosses and bankers desperate to prevent her fall fearing that it will lead to a Labour government, and worst of all, a massive offensive by the working class to take back all that has been stolen from it in the last 10 years.

The May government is split form top to bottom, with its leadership blaming the working class for all of its problems beginning with the ‘Leave’ vote in the 2016 EU referendum when May was one of the leaders of the ‘Remain’ faction.

So great was the shock that the 1922 Committee had to halt the election of a new PM, and appoint the ‘Remainer’ May as PM to keep out the surprise ‘Leave’ challenger, Andrea Leadsom.

The unelected May then made a major strategic mistake, from which she will never recover, when she confused the contradictions of the professional centrist Corbyn with the working class, and figured that he was a ‘no hoper’ that the working class would refuse to support.

The working class proved her wrong again and lifted up Corbyn on its shoulders, so keen is it to smash the May government. However, the split and divided rabble of the May Tory Party are still doing an enormous amount of damage to the working class.

The housing crisis burst onto the scene with the 80-plus dead of the Grenfell Tower inferno on June 14th. Initially, neither PM May nor the Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council rushed to meet with the survivors. Both had to be forced to do so and make a show of support.

Now we learn that the government has not yet released funds to make safe the 100-plus tower blocks who have the same inflammable material in them that produced the Grenfell Tower inferno. Several local authorities in England and Wales have said funding requests for refurbishments such as new cladding and sprinkler systems are not being met.

Jane Urquhart, from Nottingham City Council, said some works were regarded as ‘additional rather than essential’. Urquhart, a Labour councillor, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that ‘safety must come at the top of the list’.

She said: ‘Given that in the refurbishment of the Houses of Parliament sprinklers are considered essential… we thought it was quite incredible that they were essential for the Houses of Parliament but not essential for residents of high-rises.’

Adam Hug, leader of the Labour opposition group on Westminster City Council, said the authority had faced difficulties securing funding from Communities Secretary Sajid Javid’s department to pay for the removal of cladding and installation of sprinklers.

‘Ultimately these are things that the London Fire Brigade says have to be done and ultimately the cost is having to be borne by the housing revenue account, which is tenants’ rents and service charge fees,’ he said.

At the same time as the government has not provided the cash to make the towers that workers live in safe, this rapacious gang are introducing the Universal Credit scheme, that is pushing up the numbers living in poverty and homelessness.

Greater Manchester Labour Mayor, Andy Burnham, has revealed that such is the scale of homelessness in Greater Manchester fire stations will be used to provide support for homeless people. Burnham warned the region’s homelessness would ‘dramatically worsen’ if the government’s rollout of Universal Credit was not urgently stopped.

Data shows that 24% of new claimants wait longer than six weeks to be paid in full, causing many to fall behind on rent. Burnham said: ‘If it goes ahead as planned we will see a much greater problem unfold in front of our eyes.’

Meanwhile, the fire stations will be used to provide food or sleeping provisions during evenings, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) said. These two revelations should ring all the alarm bells because they show the immense damage to the working class that this demoralised May government is inflicting.

The question of the hour is that the Labour Party and the trade unions must immediately take action to bring the May government down in a massive political and industrial action to bring in a workers’ government that will expropriate the bosses and bankers, quit the EU and advance to a socialist UK.

It has been said that Shadow Chancellor McDonnell has been practising war games. Somebody should tell him that there is a real war going on now, and that Labour and the TUC unions must join it to bring this May government down!