May Attacks The Pensioners And Pursues Them Into The Grave!


PM MAY unveiled the Tory election manifesto yesterday in Halifax as she dumped Cameron’s policy towards the elderly and instead gave them a good beating before spelling out that she is to pursue them into the grave.

May will enrich care home providers by including the value of a person’s house in assessing their home care. If you have to go into a care home, your house will be sold to pay for it after you die. Meanwhile, the cap on what a person is liable to pay for home care will be abolished, meaning that people could end up paying hundreds of pounds a week to the private care companies for getting a couple of 15-minute visits a day.

A bonanza for the privateers. They will rake in millions and enormous profits out of creating misery for the old and infirm. May followed on from this by smashing the triple lock on pensions which guaranteed that pensions kept up with inflation and that the elderly had a life.

The ending of the triple lock means a huge slashing of the living standards of the elderly, especially as the measure is to be accompanied by means testing for the winter fuel allowance, a vital resource for the elderly facing either paying sky-high fuel bills in the winter months or freezing. The winter fuel allowance will be stopped completely for the majority of pensioners.

After her assault on the elderly, the next group to feel her cane was the infants, with the ending of their free school lunches. The cash saved is going to help pay for the Tory plans to extend grammar and free schools for the middle classes. The depth of the Tory crisis is that May and Co are now attacking what was seen as the bed-rock of Conservative support, the pensioners, in order to feed the profits of the bosses and pay off their debts.

While giving tax cuts to the rich, May is offering nothing but tax increases and poverty to working people. For May and the Tories this election is now turning into something of a nightmare and certainly is not going the way they planned it when May called a snap election on the 18th April.

The plan was for May to found and head a personal dictatorship through engineering a sweeping victory that would leave her with a majority in the House of Commons of hundreds of MPs and able to dictate both at home and abroad.

Overnight, the emphasis was put not on the Tory party but the ‘May team’ and the May party, as she sought to become the darling of the middle classes and the ‘just about managing’. Gambler May is now poised to either become the ‘saviour of the nation’ whom all must obey as she commences her war against the working class and the trade unions, or the pariah who could not get her majority and destroyed the Tory party, after she was ejected from the leadership, after she failed to get her absolute majority.

Crucially, a Tory government with a majority enabling it to act as a dictatorship is an absolute requirement in order to drive forward the complete destruction of the welfare state, and achieve the Tory goal of cutting the size of the state back to that of the 1930s. After the Brexit revolt, the ruling class has been looking at the political turmoil in Europe and America where the working class is rising up against austerity.

They see the old two-party regimes that had run capitalism for decades suddenly being swept aside as the old political order collapses in Greece, the USA with the election of Trump, and most recently in France.

They are terrified that a movement of workers, and especially young people who despised the bourgeois Parliamentary system, is rapidly emerging in Britain demanding an end to austerity that has destroyed the lives of millions.

Workers must respond to the May assault by throwing the Tories out on June 8th, by voting WRP where our party is standing and voting Labour elsewhere. It is vital to vote WRP and to join it en masse to build the revolutionary leadership that will be required after a Labour victory, when the bourgeoisie will resist and seek to sabotage the Labour victory.

The working class will have to go from a Labour election victory on June 8 to the working class taking power and putting an end to UK capitalism in the days after it.