Labour rats flee their sinking ship


COMMUNITIES Secretary Hazel Blears has resigned from the cabinet, on the eve of the local government and EU elections, delivering a major blow to the Labour government.

Her departure follows the resignation of Home Secretary Smith, and precedes the expected resignation of Chancellor Darling.

The government is disintegrating before it can be reshuffled as Blairite and Brownite ministers run for the hills leaving the workers to their fate.

Amongst those who are scrambling to fall on their swords are Beverly Hughes, the Childrens Minister who wants to be reshuffled, Tom Watson the Cabinet Office Minister likewise, and Patricia Hewitt, the ex-Health Secretary who has announced that she will not stand for parliament in the next general election.

Some backbench Labour MPs are circulating an e-mail seeking support for Gordon Brown to step down and be replaced by Health Secretary Alan Johnson.

If enough MPs sign it then they believe Brown will be persuaded to go and that Johnson could breathe life back into the Labour Party corpse.

All this is on Day 28 of the Daily Telegraph’s blitzkrieg against the bourgeois parliament, exposing its rampant corruption and innate rottenness.

This is the campaign that was launched by the Telegraph and its backers, making use of confidential information that was acquired for them without the permission of parliament or the MPs concerned, for allegedly £100,000.

The donor was ex-SAS Major Wick, who runs security businesses and boasts that he has ex-police chiefs on their boards and that he is a friend of leading Tories.

The Telegraph seized on the material provided and used it as the battering ram to force through a purge of parliament behind the slogan of ‘a general election now’, to return the Tory party to office, but with a different kind of parliament, with many of the allegedly most corrupt elements retired, and with a new model of MP serious and determined to do what is necessary to save British capitalism.

It has been a model operation.

Over 50 MPs have said that they will not stand again, while the Labour cabinet has been decimated.

What is behind this operation is the desperate capitalist crisis, and the fact that a bankrupt British capitalism will have to annihilate the Welfare State and all of its gains, if British capitalism is to survive.

That this counter-revolution will require a new form of rule is obvious. That it will have to have a clean parliament as its front and massive military police apparatus at its centre is also obvious.

Brown has done as much as he can for capitalism. To the point where the Labour party is disintegrating – now a much stronger medicine is necessary.

After the council and EU elections will come the coup-de-grace for Brown.

This will most probably take the form of a number of Labour MPs crossing the House of Commons floor to join the Liberal Democrats, raising the demand for a general election now to fury pitch.

This will be a very British coup, organised by an alliance of the bourgeois media, and the military-police apparatus.

The News Line is opposed to a general election now. We are for the working class taking general strike action to bring the Brown government down from the left.

The working class has the strength to do this and the WRP will give the necessary leadership.

The only way out of the crisis is for the working class to bring down the Brown government, to bring in a workers government and socialism, to keep the Tories out for ever.