Labour Party leaders knife Corbyn to prepare way for National Government with Tories!


LABOUR leader Keir Starmer suspended his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party over his remarks on Thursday about anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

Corbyn’s remarks were simply a statement of fact while he was doing an interview after the publication of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s (EHRC) report. During his interview, Corbyn pointed out that while the media had suggested that as much as a third of the Labour Party was facing accusations of anti-Semitism, in fact it was 0.3%.

Labour’s right-wing leadership therefore have been reduced to alleging that they are members of a deeply racist party as they try to insist that those who demand rights for the Palestinians are ‘racists’.

In fact, the leader of Unite, Len McCluskey, called Corbyn’s suspension ‘an act of grave injustice which, if not reversed, will create chaos within the party and in doing so compromise Labour’s chances of a general election victory. A split party will be doomed to defeat.’ Then, calling for the suspension to be lifted, he however called for unity instead of demanding that Starmer be sacked!

The TUC response to the attack on Corbyn is to run away. The trade unions give millions to Labour and the cowardly TUC told News Line: ‘The TUC is not affiliated to the Labour Party and does not take a view on internal Labour Party matters.’

Yesterday morning, Starmer defended Corbyn’s suspension on the Today Programme. He declared: ‘I don’t want civil war in the party. I want to unite the party, but I’m not going to renege on my commitment to root out anti-Semitism.’

He insists that large numbers of Labour members are racists. He again fully supports the Tory party’s initiatives in parliament, while he cannot explain just how he became the leader of a ‘racist’ party.

Civil war in the Labour Party is a reality. Since the day that Keir Starmer became leader, he made it one of his top priorities to purge the party of Corbyn supporters and, ultimately, of Corbyn himself. Starmer is presiding over a purge of socialists in the Labour Party.

Back in June, Starmer unceremoniously sacked shadow education secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey. This is the MP who was the main contender standing against Starmer in the leadership election. Long-Bailey, a firm supporter of Corbyn and his socialist policies, was on his frontbench team.

The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism then demanded that its complaints ‘about Corbyn’s conduct be reinvestigated’. It also submitted complaints against 15 other Labour MPs; they are Diane Abbott, Tahir Ali, Mike Amesbury, Apsana Begum, Richard Burgon, Barry Gardiner, Kate Hollern, Afzal Khan, Rebecca-Long Bailey, Angela Rayner, Steve Reed, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Barry Sheerman and Zarah Sultana.

Starmer is booting out the Corbynites for one reason only. He is clearing the way for Labour to form a National Government with the Tories, as the coronavirus unhinges and sinks the British capitalist economy.

When that happens, the Tories will not be strong enough to push through the very nasty medicine, including huge tax rises and massive benefit and wage cuts that will have to be forced down the throats of UK workers.

The use of the army as strikebreakers will not be enough. They will need the Labour leaders in a National Government to try and prevent an uprising by millions of workers and millions of ruined middle class people who will rise up. At that point, the Tories will need the Labour traitors to try to force the working class to accept these massive cuts and closures.

This is what the war against Corbyn has been all about. This is why the TUC now says that the purge taking place in the Labour Party is nothing to do with it.

The Tory government has pushed the national debt to over 2.2 trillion, 103.5% of the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak has made it crystal clear what is to come, declaring that Tories will always ‘balance the books’. The £2.2 trillion will have to be to be clawed back by a National Government!

Workers must take a hand in the struggle that has erupted. They must remove all trade union leaders that will not defend Corbyn, and must demand that trade unions do not financially support an anti-socialist Labour Party. Now is the time for workers to change their leaders and join the Workers Revolutionary Party to organise and lead the much-needed British socialist revolution!