‘Keep The Ground Aflame With Popular Resistance’ Urges President Abbas


THE PALESTINIAN President, Mahmoud Abbas has called for more popular resistance and warned ‘We should not underestimate it’.

He has called for further visits to the village of Khan al-Ahmar, east of Jerusalem, which is facing an imminent threat of demolition by the Israeli occupation authorities. Abbas said: ‘Everyone, officials and the public, should be going to Khan al-Ahmar. Our goal now must be to stay there and not allow the Israelis to set up their project, because we know that they will tear apart the West Bank if they take over that area. This is a critical issue that we must keep in mind.’

On national reconciliation, Abbas said: ‘Reconciliation means that unity should be reinstated. There is no state in Gaza nor an autonomy in the West Bank, and we will not accept this. We will never accept the separation of Gaza from the West Bank’. Abbas called on Palestinians to ‘keep the ground aflame with popular resistance’ against Israel and told the Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) in Ramallah ‘not to underestimate the importance of resistance’.

The Council hit out at the US administration, calling it a ‘partner of the Israeli occupation regime’ and reaffirming opposition to President Donald Trump’s ‘deal of the century’. Abbas has correctly boycotted the US administration since Trump’s decision in December 2017 to recognise Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital and move the American embassy to the holy city from Tel Aviv.

The PLO council reaffirmed Palestinian opposition to Trump’s plan for the Middle East and vowed to thwart it. ‘The US administration is a partner of the Israeli occupation government. It is part of the problem, and not part of the solution,’ it said. The Israeli regime plans to build around 20,000 new settler units in occupied Jerusalem al-Quds and the Zionists are truly grateful for the actions of its US imperialist master.

‘Israel has a much freer hand than it did in the past. It feels confident enough to continue its existing policies, knowing Trump won’t stand in the way,’ Eran Etzion, a former Israeli foreign ministry official, has told the Middle East Eye.

The US embassy’s move signals that the Trump administration will recognise all of Jerusalem al-Quds as Israel’s capital denying the Palestinians basing their capital in East Jerusalem. With East Jerusalem ruled out as the Palestinian capital, the two state solution is also being ruled out.

Trump’s team led by Kershner is seeking an alternative location for a future Palestinian ‘capital’, suggesting Abu Dis 4 km east of Jerusalem al-Quds and cut off from the city of Jerusalem by Israel’s apartheid wall.

The Palestinians are being put under huge pressure to accept this and to accept that there will be ‘no Palestinian refugees’ since the final solution is that they must become citizens of the Arab states that the Zionist terror machine drove them into. This move to a final solution to the Palestinian question is a key to the onslaught that is currently being carried out by the Tories and the Zionists on Labour leader Corbyn.

He is being told that he must accept the right of Israel to exist, and its right to carry on with its Nazi-style attacks to destroy the Palestinian people which have seen at least 170 Palestinians killed and over 18,000 wounded in Israeli army violence in Gaza. Corbyn’s real crime is that he has pledged that the next Labour government will recognise the state of Palestine. This would be a criminal act as far as the Zionists are concerned.

Meanwhile, the Tories are fearful that 10 years of austerity has prepared the way for a Corbyn-led government that will be forced by mass anger to legislate the end of the supposed ‘right to exist’ of the ruling class in the the UK. These are the fears that have brought together the Tories and the Zionist butchers in the biggest political witchunt in British bourgeois history.

The TUC Congress in September must take a stand with Corbyn and the Palestinian people. It must call a general strike to bring down the May governent and to bring in a workers government in the UK, that will recognise the state of Palestine. Meanwhile the TUC must impose a boycott of Israel until the State of Palestine is established.