It is the tyranny of the minority that must be ended through socialist revolution!


THE ‘tyranny of the majority’ should not dictate exit from the EU, former Tory PM John Major said yesterday, in remarks that have sparked a powder keg of anger with his exposure of the fraud of ‘parliamentary democracy’. Major insists that a dictatorship, a tyranny of the minority capitalist class of bosses and bankers, that keeps you in the EU, is altogether better than a majority ‘tyrannical’ population that keeps you out!

Major said: ‘I hear the argument that the 48% of people who voted to stay should have no say in what happens. I find that very difficult to accept. The tyranny of the majority has never applied in a democracy and it should not apply in this particular democracy.’ The essence of bourgeois democratic rule has always been that the tiny minority of big capitalists and bankers has always ruled through the facade of a parliamentary majority that never expresses the real will of the people.

Major argued that it must be parliament, not the government, that makes the final decision on any new deal with the EU, despite 17.4 million people instructing the government to quit the EU. There is a ‘perfectly credible case’ for a second referendum, he added.

In calling for a second referendum, Major is challenging the will of the majority, after the established order with all the parliamentary political parties behind it was unable to get the Remain vote that it thought was just a formality!

Less than 24-hours earlier, former Labour PM Blair also called for a second referendum. Blair said about Brexit: ‘It can be stopped if the British people decide that, having seen what it means, the pain-gain, cost-benefit analysis doesn’t stack up.’

He is positively willing a dire economic situation to get worse, even implying that a desperate economic crisis, with plenty of pain, would be just the job, in getting workers to change their mind and accept a second referendum, to reverse the decision of the first.

Remain can only gain through pain is Blair’s provocative message. There will be numbers of bosses and bankers who agree with Blair, and will no doubt favour a temporary worsening, or even a crash of the economic situation of the masses, to really teach them that mutiny against their betters just does not pay.

Blair’s position is the worse it gets for ‘them’, the majority, the better it is for ‘us’, the tiny minority of bosses and their servants! Blair’s first call to arms came at the end of last month when he proclaimed: ‘We’re the insurgents now.’ Now the implication of the latest call is that economic sabotage would be a very good thing.

Blair first called on the anti-Brexit camp, that is the bosses, the bankers, the majority of Tory and Labour MPs and the majority of the TUC General Council, all fanatical supporters of the EU, to defy the will of the people with an insurgency.

Now he is calling on the bosses and the bankers to do their worst with the economy!

Blair shows the same ruling class arrogance as Cameron. He was confident that there was no prospect of defeat; he did not even consider losing the vote.

The Remainers were rebuffed by over 17 million votes, ending the political careers of Cameron and Osborne, and putting an end to any inner democracy inside the Tory Party. After all, May was selected not elected. She was chosen by a tiny minority.

The same fate awaits Blair. The reality of the situation is that millions of workers have begun to push forward and they will not accept any of the threats or any of the actions of the ruling class to harm their class interests such as the NHS or harm their families with a provoked economic catastrophe.

Such counter-revolutionary actions will only convince the millions of workers that they cannot any longer live under the rule of capital, camouflaged by a ‘parliamentary democracy’, but must take the power into their own hands with a socialist revolution.

The truth of the matter is that the dictatorial threats of Major and Blair only help to further revolutionise the masses, and bring closer a socialist revolution. This will shut down the Houses of Parliament, expropriate the bosses and bankers, and bring in rule through workers’ councils, that will run a planned socialist economy whose only purpose will be to satisfy the needs of the people!