Israeli regime is in a desperate crisis while the Palestinian masses have emerged stronger out of the crisis!


ISRAEL has emerged out of its failed military attempt to crush Hamas much weaker and much more crisis-ridden, while the Palestinians are now much stronger and much more confident in their coming victory.

Israel has failed to impose a military solution on the Palestinian people, and cannot even form a government, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clinging to office like a leech, to avoid going to jail.

Netanyahu has now warned that a proposed Unity Government to replace his rule, led by ultra-nationalist Naftali Bennett, will be a grave danger to Israel’s security.

Some have taken this as a hint that a failure to allow him to continue with his individual form of unelected rule could see the Israeli military try its hand at ruling the country through decree.

Netanyahu’s opponents have until today to form a government. If they are successful, it will bring to an end the rule of the country’s longest-serving prime minister, and see Netanyahu, who faces serious corruption charges, housed in a prison cell.

So much for Israel, and the US-UK attempts to depict it as the ‘only democracy in the Middle East’. It is just another military police dictatorship of a particularly poisonous racist type, lurching towards its doom.

Meanwhile, Israel’s one-time victims are getting stronger.

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is to serve a fourth term in office after winning the presidential election. He has survived and triumphed over a US-UK-Israel-backed Islamic attack to destroy Syria and allow Israel to grab its oil fields.

The Syrian Parliamentary speaker Hammouda Sabbagh said yesterday that Assad had won 95.1% of the vote, in the Syrian Presidential election on a turnout of 78.6%.

This resounding victory is the end result of a major attempt by the US, UK, France and Israel since 2012 to overthrow Baathist Syria and turn it over to the Islamists and Israel. Syria has won the war that was imposed on it, and the Palestinian people are consequently much stronger.

The fighting imposed on Syria by the imperialist powers has been especially fierce, with at least 388,000 people killed and almost six million Syrians forced abroad as refugees. They will now be able to return!

Meanwhile, Hamas has emerged out of the latest Israeli-imposed war stronger, not weaker. ‘Gaza siege will be broken soon and the Palestinian people there will be accommodated with proper living conditions’ the Palestinian resistance movement’s leader Yahya Sinwar told a visiting Egyptian delegation on Monday,

He observed that the international atmosphere is currently in favour of the Palestinian nation, adding that this provided an ‘opportunity that had to be seized upon in the best way’.

Sinwar was referring to the vast groundswell of international support for Gaza and Palestine after it came under the 12-day-long Israeli war attack.

The aggression saw the Israeli war machine laying indiscriminately into civilian buildings – including a famous tower that housed international journalists. At least 254 Palestinians, including 66 children, 39 women and 17 elderly people were killed, and some 1,948 others wounded during the Israeli assaults.

An incessant rocket-powered retaliation on the part of the coastal sliver’s resistance groups, allied to a vast international support for Palestine, forced Israel to accept a ceasefire.

Hamas’ Politburo member said the movement has begun producing thousands of new rockets. ‘We impose ourselves and our cause (of liberation from Israeli aggression) upon the world. We are a people, which deserves to live, and a people that is entitled to its rights.’

Sinwar cautioned the Israeli regime against risking another offensive. It is Israel and its US and UK backers that are in a big crisis, that is, in fact, part of the death agony of the worldwide capitalist and imperialist system.

There have been huge, demonstrations in London, Washington and throughout the USA in support of Palestine. There have been massive demands in the UK that the TUC must call a general strike in support of Palestine.

The workers in the UK, US and the EU must call general strikes in support of Palestine. They must make their governments accept a Palestinian state ‘from the River to the Sea’.

The situation has now fundamentally changed, with the worldwide capitalist system heading for massive inflation and slump. What is required is the building of sections of the Fourth International in every country to organise the victory of the worldwide socialist revolution to put an end to capitalism and imperialism.