Israeli general admits that Israel arms the jihadists! The UK must be made to stop arming Israel!


ISRAEL, through its outgoing chief of staff Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot, has admitted that the many reports of the Israeli terrorist state’s collaboration with jihadist fanatics operating against the Syrian government are correct, and that it has provided them with weapons.

Eizenkot told the Sunday Times that Israel supplied weapons to anti-Damascus Islamist groups operating in Syria’s Golan Heights for ‘self-defence’. This is the first time the Tel Aviv regime has acknowledged arming Islamist militias to fight in Syria.

In September, Israel’s Jerusalem Post removed what was termed an ‘explosive report’, which revealed the Israeli military had supplied weapons and ammunition to the Islamists. The paper later told Russia’s RT that the report had been taken down at the request of the Israeli army’s ‘military censor’.

In fact, Israel has been using hospitals on the occupied Golan Heights to treat wounded jihadists for years! The Foreign Policy magazine also reported last September that Israel had covertly sponsored at least a dozen ‘militant groups’ operating in southern Syria.

Citing interviews with several ‘militant’ figures’, the report said that Israeli officials had given $75 per person monthly allowances to ‘militants’ as well as funds to their ringleaders to procure weapons. In return, the report added, the jihadists were expected to ‘deter’ Hezbollah resistance fighters.

In another interview, this time with the New York Times, Eizenkot acknowledged that Israel had also carried out ‘thousands’ of airstrikes in Syria. In 2018 alone, the Israeli army dropped 2,000 bombs in Syria, he said. Syria has complained to the UN again and again about Israel’s air raids, stressing that the ‘cowardly’ attacks will fail to hamper its resolve to confront terrorists.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry said that the Israeli actions in Syria are no different from those of Takfiri terrorist groups such as Daesh and the al-Nusra Front. In fact, Israel’s terrorist foreign policy is just an extension of its terrorist policy against Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

In ‘opposing’ the ‘Great March of Return’ demonstrations on the Gaza-Israel border, Israeli troops have injured 24,000 Palestinian protesters who have been either shot or gassed. 220 Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli occupation forces and nearly 6,000 others injured by live gun fire during the ‘Great March of Return’.

‘The vast majority of casualties were unarmed, and were fatally shot from a distance while they were in the Gaza Strip itself,’ according to a new report by the Israeli protest group B’Tselem. In addition to injuries by live fire, 2,000 cases of injury by tear gas inhalation have been recorded, along with hundreds of injuries by rubber-coated metal bullets. Injuries to 90 protesters – 17 of them children – have resulted in amputation, nearly all of them lower limbs.

Israel is a terrorist state, sponsored, armed and equipped by the US and UK imperialist powers. Its job is to attempt to terrorise the Arab people of Palestine, and be available to support any US-UK military operations against Iran, and any Arab nationalist or socialist movements.

Israel is now getting ready to try to incorporate the occupied Palestinian territories into a Greater Israel, with the support of President Trump’s ‘deal of the century’. Trump began the current Zionist campaign with his decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem. The step-up in the racist atrocities against the Palestinian people, both in Gaza and in the occupied territories, is preliminary to the Israeli plan to colonise the whole area of Palestine.

UK and US workers must give their full support to the struggle of the Palestinian people against the imperialist-sponsored drive for a Greater Israel.UK workers must use their trade union power to impose a worldwide boycott of Israel, and refuse to transfer arms from the UK to Israel.

They must take action to bring down the May government and insist that a Labour government must carry out its pledge to recognise the State of Palestine and aid it in every way possible – economically and militarily. Forward to the State of Palestine! Forward to the victory of the world socialist revolution!