Israel is a terrorist state – while anti-Zionism is not a form of racism!


YOU can tell that the split and divided Tory party and capitalist class in the UK are in very serious trouble when they have had to begin a campaign that the Labour Party leadership is covering up for anti-semitic racists and that the Labour Party is in fact a racist party.

One Labour MP is said to have urged that Israel be located to the United States, which apparently makes her a criminal, while Ken Livingstone is facing demands that he be immediately suspended from the Labour Party for saying that Hitler gave support to Zionism when he demanded in 1932 that all Jews should be sent to Palestine.

Livingstone is quite capable of defending his position, but it is beyond argument that, while Hitler was not a Zionist, the Zionists have learnt a lot from Hitler and from British imperialism in the art of utter ruthlessness.

It is now being put forward as an absolute truth that it is racist to be anti-Israel. In fact, Israel is a terrorist state that persecutes Palestinians and occupies other people’s lands, murdering them with enthusiasm. In fact, large numbers of Jewish people are opposed to Zionism, and are against the Israeli state’s suppression and murder of the Palestinian people, and regularly march in pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel demonstrations.

It is also a fact Zionism established itself with extreme violence. Under the British Mandate in Palestine in 1946, a future Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, planned the explosion at the King David Hotel, killing 91 people while another future Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, in 1948 led the Stern Gang, which along with the Irgun killed 251 Palestinians in the village of Der Yassin to start the massive exodus of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes.

In May 1948, Count Folke Bernadotte of Sweden was appointed to mediate between the Arabs and the Zionists. In his first progress report (of September 16, 1948) he recommended that the UN should affirm ‘the right of the Arab refugees to return to their homes in Jewish-controlled territory at the earliest possible date’. The Zionists responded – the following day Bernadotte was murdered in Jerusalem.

The spectacular assassination, which caused an international outcry, was claimed by an unknown ‘Fatherland Front’, but that was a cover for Shamir’s Stern Gang. The Israeli state was founded by terrorists who delighted in driving the Arab people (fellow Semites) from their homes.

The Zionist state quickly found its feet issuing maps showing that Israel claimed all of the land between the Nile and the Euphrates. In 1956, it made its international debut joining the UK and France to intervene to try to overthrow President Nasser after he nationalised the Suez Canal, a military adventure that was halted when it was opposed by Russia and denied the backing of the USA.

But nothing could stop the Zionist entity. In 1967, it defeated the Arab armies and occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank and Gaza (an occupation that continues and is in its 49th year), and the Sinai peninsula right up to the Nile and the Golan Heights. These were all shown as parts of Israel on the maps that were issued.

In 1973, the Egyptian and the Syrian armies hit back and Israel was driven out of the Sinai peninsula and forced to withdraw its settlements, while hanging onto the Golan Heights. In 1982, it invaded the Lebanon, took Beirut where its soldiers were ordered to allow Falangist fascists to massacre large numbers of Palestinian men, women and children. Israel was flung out of the Lebanon in 2000, and defeated when it sought to re-enter.

Israel is now fighting its Third Intifada after carrying out two invasions of the Gaza Strip, killing and wounding thousands. It refuses to end the occupation and allow the establishment of a Palestinian state, is demanding that it be allowed to annex the Golan Heights, and demands constant rearmament so that it can fight Iran.

It is a terrorist state and a menace to all workers and young people in the Middle East. Its existence is guaranteed by the Western Powers whose mad dog it is. There can be no peace in the Middle East until the state of Israel has been overthrown and replaced by a Palestinian secular socialist state in which Arabs, Jews and Christians can live amicably side by side once again!