Israel commits mass murder with impunity as the West steps up its campaign for regime-change in Russia


THE WEST’S ‘bastion of freedom and democracy’ in the Middle East, Zionist Israel, yesterday launched deadly attacks on a UN school housing hundreds of refugees in Gaza, despite seventeen warnings from the United Nations that civilians were sheltering there.

Even the UN spokesman Chris Gunness said ‘the world stands disgraced’ by the attack, in which 15 Palestinians were killed.

However, the tears that most western politicians will shed over this latest Israeli atrocity are of the crocodile variety.

The US and UK are amongst the imperialist states that are with Israel to the end, right or wrong. Since it was first conceived with the Balfour declaration, and then created in 1948, they have formed an unbreakable bloc with it.

In 1956, France, the UK, and Israel launched an attack on Egypt, jointly invading the country. Since then, the US and the UK have supported and armed Israel for all of its wars, from the 1967 ‘Six-Day War’ onwards, even allowing it to become a nuclear power.

They continue to finance and arm it, no matter what atrocities it carries out. This has given the Zionist ruling class the sense that it is indispensable to imperialism, as its full-time oppressor of the Arab peoples, and its guardian over the oil wealth.

Contrast their treatment of Israel with the current war that is being waged by the same imperialist powers against Russia.

Putin, since his rise to power, has concentrated on being a ‘colleague and partner’ of the imperialist powers, which essentially means that he did not interfere with their war on Iraq or their war with Libya.

However, the 2008 banking crash and slump, and their consequences changed all that, as the US and its allies, especially the UK, resolved that the way out of the crisis was to reorder the planet, and redivide it.

When Russia refused to allow the imperialist powers to openly invade Syria, and when this attracted the BRIC nations around Russia as an alternative to rule by the US and the dictatorship of the dollar, Obama and Cameron decided that Putin and Russia must be trampled on.

The imperialist-organised coup in the Ukraine was the outcome of this, as is the current situation where Putin is being told that either Russia must help crush the workers in the east of the Ukraine, who will not bend the knee to the coupist regime, or be weakened by sanctions and then destroyed.

However, there is another side to this question. This is the issue of the economic crisis that is driving imperialism forward to reorder the world – the world crisis of capitalism.

Imperialist foreign policy, ie crushing Russia, China and re-enslaving the BRIC states, is an extension of its home policy, of securing its base through destroying the gains of the working class, by smashing its trade unions and its welfare states.

In fact a worldwide class struggle is raging between the working class and poor of the world and the ruling classes of the major imperialist states.

Israel is the tool of the imperialist powers in the Middle East. This is why it is able to carry out atrocity after atrocity with impunity.

In fact, the outcome of the world wide class struggle that is erupting everywhere will decide the future of the human race.

In this struggle, the workers of the imperialist states must support the oppressed nations and peoples in revolt against imperialism.

In any struggle between Russia and imperialism, whether it be economic or military, the workers of the world must give their unconditional support to the Russian workers, since their enemy, the imperialist ruling classes, is at home.

However, workers of the West have a decisive role to play in the worldwide struggle to smash capitalism and imperialism. Their task is to overthrow the ruling classes of the EU and the US with socialist revolutions, to secure the victory of the world socialist revolution.

For this to be done sections of the world party of the socialist revolution, the Fourth International, must be built in every country especially the major imperialist states. There is not a moment to lose!