Hold Criminal Governments To Account, Says Cameron


UK Prime Minister David Cameron called for the ‘criminal’ Syrian government to be held to account, and threatened Syria’s people that there would be ‘a day of reckoning for this dreadful regime’ if they did not overthrow it.

However, Cameron fools nobody – the real criminals, who do need dealing with, are the imperialist powers and their leaders, Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy, who were determined that their organisation of regime change in Libya was to be followed by regime change in Syria.

Their record of butchery, treachery and hypocrisy has few rivals in the history of the planet.

First of all, under PM Blair, they made friends with Gadaffi and welcomed him back into the ‘western world’. Then, after they had got their huge oil contracts and achieved the destruction of Gadaffi’s and Libya’s wmd’s, they organised regime change, bombing Libya’s infrastructure to pieces, killing tens of thousands of civilians and organising the butchering of Gadaffi.

To them none of this matters; in fact, they are proud of getting their hands on Libya’s oil.

Let the whole country go to the dogs. Let the counter-revolutionary NTC brigands torture and kill as they like – all is well, since Libya’s oil is in their hands.

The Russian and Chinese Stalinists gave the go-ahead for the Libyan slaughter, thinking that the struggle would be brief and ‘normal’ relations would resume.

They did not understand that the crisis of capitalism makes Russia and China the number one targets of the imperialist powers.

Even Putin was shocked by the imperialist operation and could not OK a repeat against Russia’s ally Syria, which in reality would be the start of a war against Iran – with regime change in Syria and the destruction of the Hezbollah movement in the lebanon culminating with regime change in Iran.

The imperialists were left with only one option: to allow Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Libya to arm and finance the Syrian counter-revolutionaries and to move the country into a civil war situation, with the consequence of a rising tide of dead and wounded.

The cynical Cameron and Sarkozy, after stoking up the slaughter, condemned the Syrian government for not stopping the fighting. While they were stoking up the fighting, the ‘democratic duo’ told the Syrian opposition to take no part in the recent referendum which promised some democratic change.

They didn’t want democracy – they wanted regime change!

The retaking of the Baba Amr district of Homs by the Syrian army is a defeat for the imperialists and a victory for the Syrian people and the working people of the world. It has shown how weak imperialism is if it does not have the support of the Stalinist bureaucracy. It is not lost on British workers that Cameron is even more determined to smash their welfare state than he is to remove Assad. Truly the enemy is at home.

The British working class can only gain from a defeat for the imperialists in Syria, or Somalia or in Libya.

Cameron and the imperialists can rant about revenge and war crimes tribunals, but they are more than vulnerable to these charges themselves, since they have a record of slaughtering hundreds of thousands in Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia and Ireland in recent years.

The workers of the world must support the rights of the Libyan, Iranian, Syrian and Palestinian people to self-determination, without imperialist intervention.

Cameron and the ruling class should not forget that criminal regimes have ended up on trial even in England. After all, remember 1648.