Hands Off Syria – To ‘End The Cruelty And Carnage’


THE heads of five major UN agencies have issued a joint appeal to the international community, a code phrase for the imperialist powers, to do much more to end the ‘cruelty and carnage’ in Syria.

In their statement, the chiefs of the WHO, Unicef, Ocha, WFP and UNHCR urged political leaders to use their influence to solve the crisis.

They said they were appealing for ‘something more important than funds’, since at least 70,000 have been killed and 1.2 million left homeless since the conflict began.

The agencies described ‘an insufficient sense of urgency among the governments and parties that could put a stop to the cruelty and carnage in Syria’.

Their message is to ‘Summon and use your influence, now, to save the Syrian people and save the region from disaster.’

They said that the mission had failed since, as humanitarian organisations, they had been doing all they could to help those affected by the fighting by providing shelter, food and other basic necessities, ‘but it has not nearly been enough’.

They added: ‘The needs are growing while our capacity to do more is diminishing,’ and that ‘we are precariously close, perhaps within weeks, to suspending some humanitarian support’.

Earlier this month, one of the agencies, children’s charity Unicef, said it would soon be unable to provide ‘life-saving’ aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan and other countries due to funds running out.

About 385,500 Syrians have fled to Jordan since the violence began in March 2011, and the charity said the number is likely to triple by the end of the year.

Unicef says it has only received $12m (£7.8m) or 19%, of the $57m needed to fund its operations in Jordan.

But the joint statement reiterated that the latest appeal is ‘not for more resources, needed as they are’.

‘We are appealing for something more important than funds. To all involved in this brutal conflict and to all governments that can influence them. In the name of all those who have so suffered, and the many more whose futures hang in the balance: Enough! Summon and use your influence, now, to save the Syrian people and save the region from disaster.’

The appeal of the five major UN agencies is a veiled call for the western powers to openly intervene in Syria – as they are now threatening to do, alongside Israel – to complete the job that they started by overthrowing the Assad regime.

The problem for the five UN charitable bodies is that the masses of the Syrian people have resisted the imperialist-backed intervention into Syria, and have refused to allow the coalition of Islamists, Al-Qaeda and the Western Powers to overthrow the Assad regime for the benefit of imperialism.

The imperialists have ploughed billions into the project for carrying on from the ‘success’ of Libya to destroy the anti-imperialist Baathist regime in Damascus, so that they can continue to do the same to Hezbollah in the Lebanon, before proceeding to attack Iran.

Israeli officials have openly proclaimed that if it comes to a choice between Al Qaeda running Syria or the Baathists, it is Al Qaeda every time for them.

The US and the UK have the same position.

The US has proved to be very forgiving when their Islamists assassinated the US ambassador in Benghazi. Just imagine what would have happened if Iran had carried out the attack!

The plain fact is that the western powers have always organised the Islamists against the Arab nationalists. Iraq and Libya and now Syria are new proofs of this fact. To steal Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian resources millions of Arab deaths are a price worth paying. The only road to peace in Syria is through driving imperialism and its collaborators out of the country and out of the Middle East.