‘Great democracies’ rule out free Palestinian elections


EVERY time Bush and Blair speak, they trumpet their championing of democracy against the corrupt dictatorships that they say exist everywhere outside their countries and the countries of their allies.

However the truth is that their love of democracy only extends to where elections are rigged, such as under their puppet regime in Iraq. When there are to be free elections they recoil in horror and threaten financial sanctions unless they can be assured that the party that they support will win.

They favour a democracy where their people cannot lose. In fact, where they stand to lose, they call for their opponents to be banned, and repressed. Where they cannot win elections they come out in favour of a civil war.

This truth has been reproven by the Palestinian elections.

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) has rightfully complained that the states in the vanguard of democracy, the US and the EU states, have given them a mafia-type offer which they are not allowed to refuse.

The PNA said on Tuesday: ‘the EU joined Israel and the United States in punishing the Palestinian emerging democracy by threatening to cut “normal” relations and vital aid to the Palestinian National Authority unless Hamas disappears from the elections scene.’

The democratic gangsters want Hamas to ‘disappear’ no doubt into the torture chambers of Israel!

The PNA added: ‘The European Union, the United States and the Israeli Occupying Power are practically pressuring the PNA to choose between bloody in-fighting or death of a burgeoning democracy and is bullying it to opt either for foreign aid or democracy.

‘EU and US vital funds to the PNA will not be forthcoming and Palestinians can consider the peace process over unless the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, disappears from the political scene’, according to the EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, US House of Representatives and the Israeli government.

The Israelis have followed up this move with another of their own. They are saying that they will not allow elections to take place in East Jerusalem which they continue to occupy.

The Palestinian Authority condemned the decision and said it would cancel the poll if voting in Jerusalem is barred.

However, as Hamas points out this will play into the hands of the Israelis and the imperialists, conceding that an election will only take place when they allow it.

The elections must go ahead and the Palestinian people must be able to choose the government that they wish to represent them.

That the US and the EU, the latter currently led by its President Blair, are unwilling to accept the results of an election if Hamas takes part proves that they are not democrats at all but are in favour of fake elections and puppet regimes.

The truth is that the EU, the US and Israel have not the slightest intention of allowing a viable and independent Palestinian state to emerge.

They want a Palestinian entity which will be under their thumb, and which will be powerless to defend the interests of the Palestinian people or resist the predatory settlement and annexation policies of Israel.

So forward with the elections, with the Palestinian people free to elect who they want whether it be Abbas, Barghouthi or Hamas.

The Palestinian masses will be able to achieve their state only by continuing with their revolution.

They must ally themselves with the insurgent masses of Iraq, Syria and the Lebanon, to drive imperialism and Zionism out of the region. This is the only way that the independent and sovereign Palestinian state will be established.