Don’t let Cameron bomb Syria – Forward to the victory of Syria and the liberation of Palestine!


THE capitalist media and its Tory masters are working around the clock to drum up a majority for Cameron, made up of Tories and enough right-wing Labourites to win a vote in parliament for the UK to bomb Syria.

Labour leader Corbyn is being assaulted from all sides to try to convince Labourite MPs that any leader who would not press the nuclear button to incinerate tens of billions, cheerfully, without a second thought, must be a traitor, and cannot be the leader of the opposition, never mind a Prime Minister.

Likewise with Corbyn’s position that he would not support any attack on Syria unless it was legal – a position that Cameron rubbished yesterday saying that Russia, a Security Council member, did not agree with the aims of the US and the UK, despite the current mood that is being generated that we are all in it together.

Yesterday, Cameron tried to convince the House of Commons that it was the fault of Saddam Hussein and President Assad that there was an ISIS movement at all. Everybody knows that this is not true. Saddam kept Al-Qaeda out of Iraq and ISIS only gained entry after he was hung and after the Iraqi state and army had been disbanded, creating anarchy and a clear field for ISIS.

It was Blair, Cameron’s role model, along with Bush who played the key role in preparing the way for ISIS. However, Cameron was in the saddle when the decision was taken to use the RAF as the Islamists’ air force to bomb Gadaffi out of power.

He boasted of the freedom that this brought to Libya in Benghazi in 2012, after he put ISIS supporters into power in Libya. Along with his pals in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Islamists were then organised on a world scale to descend on Syria for what was to be the final act in the destruction of Arab nationalism – but this time the Syrian people and army proved to be too tough a nut for even the Saudi and Qatari billions, buying the world’s Islamists, to crack!

Assad stood fast, and now has the support of Russia and Iran. Imperialism is the loser – witness the floods of refugees that its interventions produced. Cameron still considers that Assad is the number one enemy, responsible, as he said in the House of Commons, for ISIS.

Any UK intervention into Syria will be to do the dirty work for the Saudis and Qataris, the real Caliphs of the Gulf, who want to see all of the Arab nationalists dead and dismembered. Cameron is a servant of the Saudi and Qatari Caliphs.

Any intervention of perfidious Albion into Syria will be to stab Assad and defeat Syria, since he knows that his Saudi pals control the cash line to ISIS. The issue is that the imperialist powers must be driven out of the Middle East, not brought back into it to repeat their carnage of 2003 onwards.

One newspaper said yesterday that Russia was now at the table and was no longer part of the menu – this is just the appearance of things. The imperialists are desperate to get back into Syria. In fact, they are keen to dismember Syria and divvy it out between Israel, the Turkish regime and the Saudis.

Erdogan is their man. His airforce bombs Kurds not ISIS. Laughing on the sidelines is Israel. It is using the war in Syria to assault and kill, maim and batter the Palestinian masses. Neither the USA nor the UK has even a harsh word for what they do!

In fact, the USA is about to give the Israeli ruling group $50bn to rearm and prepare for war with Iran, now that the latter does not have a nuclear option. Once again, the issue of the hour is that UK imperialism must be kept out of the Middle East, not brought into it.

Parliament must refuse to bomb Syria. This will be one of the decisions that will pave the way for the victory of Assad. A victory for Syria will be a major stepping stone to the liberation of Palestine. This will lay the ground for the establishment of a Middle Eastern Federation of Socialist States with Jerusalem as its capital and stretching, to begin with, from Baghdad to Cairo.

This is the future – not the restoration of a 10th century Caliphate.