Defend Welfare, Defend The NHS, Defend All Benefits, Bring Down Coalition


TORY leader Cameron has backed Chancellor George Osborne after he suggested a link between the Mick Philpott case and the Welfare State. The prime minister told the BBC that living on benefits should not be a ‘lifestyle choice’.

Cameron and Osborne are seeking to suggest not only that welfare leads to crime, but that the Welfare State is criminal and should be abolished. In the same way, the Tories were suggesting a few weeks ago that the NHS did not care for patients and had to be rescued from heartless and careless doctors and nurses.

In fact, the NHS and the Welfare State were built out of social solidarity, so that the many who were superexploited by the capitalists would not starve when they were out of work and would not die in the streets when they could not pay for treatment.

At least 99% of the working class would not lower themselves to abusing the NHS and the Welfare State. However, in a period where capitalism cannot exist without a huge and permanent reserve army of the unemployed, a social scum begins to form at the bottom of society made up of people from all classes who will do anything and everything to survive at the expense of the many.

In fact, Philpott was and is one of theirs. He only believes in the individual, himself, and seeing that this individual is alright, and to hell with society.

He became their celebrity, appearing with Ann Widdecombe on TV shows, where he was allowed to fully parade his backwardness.

It was Margaret Thatcher who said that there was no such thing as society, there was only a mass of individuals, headed by the great individuals, who just happened to be the bankers. The future was said to depend on these great individuals becoming super-rich so that some of their cash could trickle down to the deserving poor.

And what of these great individuals of the ruling class, the bankers and the bosses who were brought up to believe that the law is for others.

Osborne, Cameron and co were members of the Bullingdon Club, that smashed up restaurants in their Oxford days and had no fear of arrest or even being jailed.

One of the club’s jolly japes was to wave a £50 note in front of a beggar before it was torn up, to show that £50 was nothing to these future rulers.

It is the banking class that has just collapsed the entire system in the selfish pursuit of superprofits at any cost. This saw a massive credit bubble burst, and banks such as HSBC laundering the dirty money of the Mexican drug cartels.

The UK banking class is still paying off innumerable fines over fixing the Libor and other rates so that they could make profits through ruining lots of people.

The Philpotts of this world act in their spirit and not the spirit that founded the NHS and the Welfare State.

What has produced the problems of the Welfare State is that it is operating under capitalism. From 1948 to the mid-1960s, unemployment was in the lower hundreds of thousands. With the advent of the Margaret Thatcher governments, registered unemployment reached as high as 3.5million, with other millions, of working age, unable to get work. It is capitalism that has broken down. In fact, the Welfare state needs liberating from it!

In the Tory-led struggle to batter down the gains of the working class, Philpott and his doings are just a propaganda weapon in their class struggle, and should be treated with disdain and contempt as such.

Labour is now competing with Osborne for the right wing vote. Liam Byrne has suggested that people should receive benefits related to how much they have contributed to taxes. This is double treachery, since it would get rid of universal benefits, and condemn unemployed youth and unemployed graduates, of which there are over one million, to being paupers for life.

The crux of the matter is that the working class, that won the Welfare State and the NHS for all, will defend both! Since capitalism can no longer tolerate these gains, it is capitalism that must go in a socialist revolution. The Welfare State must now be liberated from the rule of capital.