De Menezes murder not a crime says state


THE current farce that is being played out, of trying a police death squad under the health and safety laws, is not only a cynical mockery of the victim’s family, it is a continuation of the cover up operation that has been undertaken ever since Jean Charles de Menezes, an entirely innocent young man, was executed with seven shots to the head after boarding a tube train at Stockwell tube station.

The truth is that Jean Charles de Menezes was murdered.

The death squad operatives were trained in the Israeli method of dealing with a suspect – shoot him or her in the head as many times as possible.

It was stressed at the time of the killing by police chiefs and the government that a similar ‘accident’ might happen again, since the only way to deal with a person who is suspected of being a suicide bomber, with a device somewhere on his or her person, is to kill the suspect with shots to the head, before he or she can detonate their explosives.

It was stressed that even badly wounded terrorists could and would detonate their bombs. If mistakes were made people would just have to accept that this was part of the ‘war on terror’.

The entire operation was organised to dispense instant death, with any workers in the way being entirely expendable. Nothing would be allowed to get in the way of the ‘war against terror’ (the oil wars).

Firearms officers were briefed in the morning of the killing that they would be ordered to shoot someone in the head at close range.

The police death squad was issued with special ammunition which would kill very quickly, to prevent very badly wounded suspects from reacting to the situation by setting off their bomb.

The death squad was warned that it must not hesitate, since the suicide bomber would be psyched up to do the job, was deadly dangerous even if badly wounded.

The inference was that if it turned out that the killed person was innocent, people must accept that an honest mistake had been made and on no account could the death squad or its command be punished.

All police killers are treated in exactly this way – they are blameless.

One example is the case of Harry Stanley, the middle aged Hackney resident who was killed by the police after they thought that a coffee table leg he was carrying in a plastic bag was a sawn-off shotgun.

When it was thought that his killers could face a trial, there was a police strike of armed officers, who threatened to put down their guns, if a trial took place.

The Department of Public Prosecutions rushed to rule that since the police thought that they were under threat from the coffee table leg, they could not be prosecuted for murder or even manslaughter.

The officers in question are now back on armed duties.

During the current Health and Safety trial of the Metropolitan Police, all of the arguments used during the Harry Stanley case are being repeated.

The defence has insisted that any verdict against the police command and the police killers would be the equivalent of ‘putting the police in handcuffs’, thus inhibiting them from killing other people.

The defence said that this legal ‘handcuff’ ‘would effectively remove the discretion that police officers have and need when deciding on the best time to act and the form their action should take.’ The police must have the freedom to kill, and know that they will never be prosecuted.

The conclusion of the defence was that the Brazilian’s death in Stockwell Underground station was a serious mistake, but not a crime.

Such serious mistakes (police killing innocents) may obviously happen again. The officers concerned will be sent on holiday to recover from the trauma before returning to armed duty.

The way to stop terrorist incidents inside the UK is to stop the massive terrorist attacks (the oil wars) by the US and UK in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to bring all British troops back to the UK.

The way to deal with the police death squads is to organise a socialist revolution to smash the capitalist state into smithereens, to go forward to socialism.