SENIOR Labour Party leaders are at war with each other over the best way to betray the 2016 referendum result, when PM Boris Johnson presents a Brexit deal to Parliament this coming Saturday.

Corbyn supporters and shadow cabinet members Ian Lavery and Jon Trickett want any Johnson-EU deal voted down, with a vote of no confidence to follow on swiftly, and then an alternative administration put in place to plead for a Brexit extension before calling a general election.

A Labour government would then put its own new ‘Remain’ deal with the EU to a referendum, with ‘not leaving’ the EU as an option!

A rival Labour group, led by John McDonnell and deputy leader Tom Watson, are demanding that there must be a referendum ahead of a general election. They want Brexit knifed as soon as possible!

Senior Labour officials close to Jeremy Corbyn are already warning him that he must resist pressure to back a further Brexit referendum ahead of a general election.

Corbyn is already being publicly taunted as the Labour leader who is desperate to avoid a general election, having refused PM Johnson’s offer to hold one on a number of occasions.

In fact, Corbyn’s political days are numbered as key members of his office – including chief of staff Karie Murphy – have recently been moved to Labour’s HQ.

One Corbyn supporter described the current process as ‘very serious’ and suggested it was like witnessing a ‘slow coup’ by Labour’s right wing.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has already stated that if Corbyn were to lose a general election he would have to resign. This new right wing are now moving forward to suggest that Corbyn should not lead Labour into a general election at all.

PM Johnson, during the Queen’s Speech debate, was able to refer to Labour and Corbyn’s crisis saying: ‘The leader of the Opposition, first he was opposed to a no-deal, now he seems to be opposed to any deal. First he was in favour of delivering Brexit, now he wants a second referendum. First he wanted an election, he wanted an election for quite a long time. Now he would much rather not.’

‘He resembles a Janus, a Push-Me-Pull-You facing both directions at once and yet unable to decide either. His policy on cake is neither having it nor eating it …’

Now, the EU’s lead negotiator, Barnier, has said a Brexit deal could still be struck this week despite it becoming ‘more difficult’ to reach an agreement.

On Saturday 19th October a special session of Parliament has been summoned to hear any proposed deal to quit the EU. A showdown is anticipated at this emergency sitting – the first in 37 years – with millions of workers watching the drama, as well as thousands picketing outside the special session. (See advert)

The Queen began her speech to the Houses of Parliament on Monday stating: ‘My government’s priority has always been to secure the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union on 31st October.

Labour leader Corbyn in his 2017 General Election manifesto pledged that Labour would support the decision of the 2016 referendum to leave the EU.

The SNP however says that it will only support a Corbyn-led interim government if it concedes in advance that it will allow an immediate second Scottish independence referendum. It wants to couple remaining in the EU with ending the UK!

Millions of workers both at home and abroad will have their eyes on Corbyn and the Labour Party this Saturday. The essence of the situation is that Corbyn, MacDonnell and co. are destroying the Labour Party with their betrayal of Brexit.

Any such betrayal will see millions of workers breaking with it, disgusted at where a party that was founded by their trade unions has ended up.

Workers will force the TUC to call a general strike to see Brexit through on October 31st by leaving the EU and then going forward to bring in a workers’ government and a socialist planned economy, which will inspire the workers of Europe to emulate it and bring down the EU by going forward to the Socialist United States of Europe. This is the struggle that is now at hand!