Capitalist leaders have lost confidence in the system and are preparing for the worst!


THESE are fearful times for the leaders of EU capitalism. The fear factor is not just present in Brussels. Admiral Alan West, who once led Britain’s Royal Navy and also served as security adviser to Labour PM Gordon Brown, has just raised the hysteria level with his fears about the critical situation that has emerged.

He told the Daily Star on Sunday that the world ‘is more dangerous and chaotic’ than ever and that there is a growing threat of a world war. West also raised the possibility of war in Europe if the European Union breaks apart. ‘If the EU starts to break up and things go badly wrong in Europe, which I think they might well do, we have historically twice in the last century had to go and sort it out at immense cost of blood and treasure to our nation,’ he warned.

He also pointed to the ‘threat’ from Russia and China, saying of Russia: ‘They have spent a huge amount upgrading their nuclear capability and their conventional forces,’ and asking ‘What is their intention? What are they planning to do?’

West advocates the UK massively increasing its military expenditure and getting ever closer to the USA to ‘handle’ China’s rising influence in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, the leaders of the EU’s three biggest economies have set the tone by holding a press conference on an Italian aircraft carrier.

The three leaders renewed their calls for bolstering EU security, boosting economic growth and providing better opportunities for the continent’s youth – who are over 40% unemployed in a number of countries.

Italian premier Renzi simulated defiance saying: ‘Many thought the EU was finished after Brexit but that is not the case.’ He added: ‘We respect the choice made by the citizens of Britain but we want to write a future chapter.’ Europe after Brexit ‘will relaunch the powerful ideals of unity and peace, freedom and dreams.’

Meanwhile, gunboats are patrolling the Med threatening to sink boats leaving Libya crammed with refugees to stop them reaching Italy, and EU member states are being accused of setting up prison camps for refugees.

As well, Turkey has said that it must have visa rights throughout the EU for all of its citizens otherwise it will open the refugee floodgates and turn away from the EU towards Russia and Iran.

German chancellor Merkel, under pressure, thought it necessary to insist, from the aircraft carrier, that the European Union needs to prove it can still prosper without the UK. After the economic destruction of Greece and the decimation of Ireland, Portugal and Spain, Merkel added: ‘We respect Great Britain’s decision but we also want to make clear that the other 27 (member states) are banking on a safe and prospering Europe.’

In fact, that bank went bust a long time ago! French leader Hollande however made a call to arms warning that Europe is faced with a risk of ‘fragmentation and division’ and that there is an urgent need for improved security. He added, confirming the curtailment of Shengen freedom of movement, ‘To have security we need frontiers that are controlled so that is why we are working to reinforce coastguards and border guards.’

Merkel added, on the issue of terrorism, that in the face of the threats posed by Daesh ‘and in light of the civil war in Syria, we must do more for our inner and outer security.’ To further this security, German citizens have been shocked to learn that the German Interior Ministry has drawn up a new 69 page civil defence doctrine that advises citizens to stockpile food and water for use in a national emergency.

Citizens are advised to store enough food to last them 10 days, because, initially, a disaster might put national emergency services beyond reach. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told a group of schoolchildren that Germany must be prepared to react if water or food reserves were poisoned, or if oil and gas supplies were interrupted.

It is clear that the EU is being destroyed by its own contradictions and that the Brexit process will spread throughout the EU with workers determined to replace the bankers and bosses union with the Socialist United States of Europe, where production will be planned to satisfy all human needs and where refugees will be welcomed.