Cameron Touches Off Tory Leadership Dog Fight!


CAMERON is now going into the May 7th general election with a declaration that he does not intend to serve a third term, that is if he is elected for a second.

As a matter of record he was not elected to a first term! Even after the massive financial collapse that began in 2008 – with Labour at the helm all the way through – from 1997 to 2010, he could not win the 2010 election. The Tories have not won an election since Major won in 1992!

Gordon Brown, who had to be called in in 2014 to save the Union referendum against the Scottish nationalists, when Cameron was being thrashed, was also seeking to form a coalition with the same Lib Dems in 2010!

Cameron’s latest revelation makes it certain that if he does not win the 2015 general election, he will have to quit to make way for his successor, being a two time loser.

If he does win the election, there will be a huge pressure on him to quit after a year to make way for Gove, May, Johnson or his current Chancellor Osborne, who by this time will be in a no-holds-barred, open struggle for his job.

In fact what has turned Cameron and Osborne – whatever the appearances and the stridency of their ‘oratory’ – into losers, is that British capitalism, as part of the world capitalist system, is in its greatest crisis ever.

As it is, the capitalist world is awaiting a US interest rate rise with some trepidation, since it will shift the full weight of the world’s debt crisis onto the banks of the EU and the UK. Another banking disaster is looming!

British capitalism will require – whatever government is elected or formed – a form of rule that will have to carry through the most savage cuts in the history of British capitalism.

At the moment Osborne plans over £30bn cuts, which he refuses to detail, and a whole series of new anti-union laws, while Labour says that it will match the Tories cut for cut if that becomes necessary to save British capitalism!

This prospect has even got Unite’s McCluskey rattled. He says that in such a situation the unions may have to undertake illegal struggles, on behalf of their members, and may even have to seek another party, not Labour, to give its support to.

This crisis of British imperialism and capitalism is truly an historic one – it is both economic and part of the world crisis of capitalism that demands world revolution, and political, with the Scottish nationalists, after making Scotland a Tory free zone, threatening to decimate the Labour Party representation as well. Salmond now states that while he is willing to support Labour on certain issues, if a Tory led government decides to hold a referendum to quit the EU, then Scotland will split from the UK, and end the capitalist union.

There is no doubt that this economic and political crisis has undermined the confidence and resolve of Cameron, and not only he.

There is already a group of Tories – Baker, Major and Clarke – who argue that that such is the depth of the economic and political crisis that there has to be a national government, with a Labour Premier, if Labour emerges as the bigger party on May 7th.

They say that such a government must suspend the five year government term, so that a national government can operate for two years at least, as a government of civil war to put Britain back on its feet at the expense of the working class of the UK.

There is no doubt that in the same way as RamsayMac stepped forward to split the Labour Party and the trade unions by forming a national government with the Tories in 1931, a section of the Labour leadership is prepared to do the same today, depending on the situation that erupts after May 7th.

For the WRP we wish to see the Tories smashed and Labour win with a huge majority.

This will create the conditions for the working class to surge forward en-masse, to put an and to austerity in the same way that workers smashed Heath’s Industrial Relations laws in 1974. Further it will create the conditions for the rapid building of the WRP to mobilise the working class to put an end to the crisis of British capitalism for ever by carrying out a socialist revolution.