Cameron-Obama Are Preparing A New Crusade


BRITAIN and the US are to share expertise on ‘preventing radicalism’ and tackling domestic ‘violent extremism’, PM Cameron has announced. He warned that both countries faced a ‘poisonous and fanatical ideology’.

A task force is being set up that will report back to the two leaders, if they are still both in office in six months time. Cameron volunteered that the UK would deploy more drone aircraft to help ground forces tackle the Islamic State.

Meanwhile, the US has announced that it is to send thousands of US troops as trainers for the forces of the Syrian opposition, allegedly to fight IS and no doubt to also to tackle the forces of President Assad. This is after most of the Syrian opposition has already defected to IS and the Al Qaeda-affiliated al Nusrah Front, taking their US arms with them.

The UK media is already quoting their ‘military sources’ as stating that training courses by British military experts are to begin by March to take on and defeat ISIL, and also to deal with the Syrian army.

However, the enemy is everywhere. Cameron has just publicly slammed the Pope, the leader of Catholic reaction, for his plea for religious tolerance. The ‘holy father’ said that anybody who insulted his mother could ‘expect a punch’, suggesting that Muslims could not be expected to take calculated insults to their holiest with a smile.

Cameron has immediately taken the high ground against the Pope’s terrorist tendencies, and has suggested that that the Pope should grin and bear insults to his mother, and Muslims should do the same as far as deliberate insults to the prophet are concerned since ‘I think in a free society, there is a right to cause offence about someone’s religion. I’m a Christian; if someone says something offensive about Jesus, I might find that offensive, but in a free society I don’t have a right to wreak vengeance on them.

‘We have to accept that newspapers, magazines, can publish things that are offensive to some, as long as it’s within the law. That is what we should defend.’ Cameron however is currently seeking to abolish the ‘free society’ not defend it!

The News Line defends the free press, but we do not support a campaign that seeks to provoke a Muslim reaction to create the atmosphere for Cameron to carry out his programme of repressions both at home and abroad.

This programme is that all basic rights should be annulled in the UK so that the state can access every e-mail or electronic communication that is made by UK citizens.

He is also seeking the right to keep UK citizens out of the country by a decree, if the ‘balance of probabilities’ suggest that they are a danger to the state.

He is also demanding that there should be a form of internment introduced, where suspects will be directed hundreds of miles away from their homes. A decision to do so is also to be based on a ‘balance of probabilities’.

Fear is now being created on a national basis to help bring in such measures at home and abroad.

Police chiefs are now directing special patrols of ‘Jewish areas’ in the UK. News Line did not know that there were Jewish areas or ghettos in the UK, but the state is now busily creating them, while Israel waits like a vulture in the wings, suggesting that the best place for Jews is Palestine!

It is obvious that by insisting that the right to insult the prophet is a basic right, and that people who object to the exercise of this basic right are criminals or potential terrorists, Cameron is igniting anti-Muslim feeling in the UK.

The reason is obvious. As well as abolishing basic rights at home, to make everybody free-er of course, Cameron and Obama are planning a new crusade to re-order the oil rich Middle East.

This is why they are in the fear creating business in the US and the UK and insisting that insulting the prophet is a basic right.

They want to prepare the way to force the House of Commons to reverse its decision not to allow a land invasion of Syria, to reorder the Middle East and secure the state of Israel.

We urge all workers whatever their beliefs or origins to fight the Cameron-Obama war drive at home against the working class and abroad against the Arab peoples. This can only be done by organising the world socialist revolution!