Cameron At War At Home And Abroad


CAMERON’S Monday ‘European Council’ statement to parliament was all about the crisis of imperialism, its wars abroad, and dictatorship at home.

He managed to discuss the crisis in the Ukraine without mentioning the February coup, when fascist bands financed by the US and the EU overthrew the legal government, and brought in a new regime, that proceeded to attack the workers of the eastern part of the country, to try to force them into the EU and NATO.

Cameron told MPs that ‘Decisions on Ukraine’s political and economic relationships should be for the people of Ukraine and no one else.’ However, as everybody knows, the present regime in Ukraine came to power as a result of decisions in Brussels, London and Washington, and then the use of the gun and the knife wielded by fascist bands, as proxy agents of the US and the EU, who are now the real government of the Ukraine, with President Poroshenko as their agent.

What has made Cameron and Co really angry is that their proxies in Kiev have come unstuck at the first fence, and have been unable to terrorise the east. As a matter of fact there have been big demonstrations in Kiev and in the west of the country against the US-EU backed onslaught on the East!

The threat of new sanctions against Russia in a week if Putin does not intervene to stop the uprising in the east will have no impact, since the working class in eastern Ukraine is showing its determination to fight on until victory.

Rather, it is Nato that is under siege – witness their meeting in Wales this week – in a castle, surrounded by 12 feet high steel fences, with armed guards on the entrances, and thousands of police on hand to defend the gathering of the NATO warlords.

This gang of brigands, coupists and oil thieves are obviously as popular at home as they are abroad.

Cameron made it crystal clear to MPs that his government ‘will continue to support Israel and Israel’s right to defend itself’.

On the question of IS – the movement, along with the Nusra Front, that the UK and the US helped to build up, and to widely recruit from the UK, to try to remove the government of President Assad in Syria – Cameron made it clear that the European Council ‘agreed to co-ordinate action in cracking down on those travelling to fight in Syria and Iraq and ensuring that all European countries are taking the necessary steps to tackle this problem of radicalisation’.

He added: ‘We must use all the resources at our disposal – our aid, diplomacy and military – and we need a firm security response, whether that means military action to go after the terrorists, international co-operation on intelligence or uncompromising action against terrorists at home.’

He also made it clear that this did not mean united action with Syria against the IS.

After making a massive effort to destroy Syria, Cameron said: ‘We know that terrorist organisations thrive where there is political instability and weak or dysfunctional institutions, so we must support the building blocks of free and open societies. In Syria, that means a political transition and an end to Assad’s brutality, which has allowed ISIL to flourish.’

So the old double game is to continue! The end result of this imperialist policy abroad, is the growth of the police state at home.

Cameron announced ‘passports are not an automatic right’ and that he will be introducing legislation ‘providing the police with a temporary power to seize a passport at the border, during which time they will be able to investigate the individual concerned’.

He announced there would be a response to any judge who challenged the existing powers – ‘we will introduce primary legislation immediately so that Parliament, not the courts, can determine whether it is right that we have this power’. The jewel in the crown is going to be ‘a targeted, discretionary power to allow us to exclude British nationals from the UK’. All this is to emphasise that ‘Adhering to British values is not an option or a choice; it is a duty for all those who live in these islands.’

The government and its spooks are to decide who is adhering to British values or not. Imperialism leads to massacres abroad and dictatorship at home!