Cameron and May want to squash basic rights and freedom of speech!


TORY PM CAMERON has just reprimanded the people of the UK for being ‘over tolerant’ of extremism, signalling that his regime is so unstable that it cannot tolerate what passed for freedom of speech any longer. Freedom of speech is to be turned into a criminal offence.

This reprimand comes just days after it was announced that there are to be new anti-union laws to put an end to legal strike actions, by stipulating that for a strike action to be legal 50 per cent of the membership have to vote, and at least 40 per cent of them will have to vote for the action.

On this basis the result of the just concluded general election would be declared illegal since the Tory Party was elected by just 24% of the electorate!

However, this general election is being celebrated as a colossal victory for bourgeois freedom over its enemies, while trade unionism is being depicted as oppressing the ‘wealth creators’.

Extremism, and freedom clearly have a class character.

The bourgeoisie exercises its right to freedom, its class freedom, when it moves to strangle the right to strike.

The working class when it resists and insists that it has this right to strike, regardless of percentage turnouts, is acting criminally and will face prison.

The bourgeoisie when it brings in legislation to legalise organised agency strike-breaking is exercising its bourgeois freedom to get rich.

Workers who resist and drive out the strike breakers will be dangerous extremists and criminals to the bourgeoisie, but heroes and role models for the millions of the working class.

In a class society there is class law that guards the freedom and the right of the bosses and bankers to exploit.

At one time, when Britain had a huge empire, even Karl Marx and Lenin could obtain asylum here, because the ruling class felt so secure in its imperial saddle that it could indulge in a few libertarian gestures.

Today the opposite is the case – asylum seekers are not welcome. The right to strike is under all-out attack. It is depicted as the workers oppressing the bourgeoisie and the free society. However free speech is also being squashed in favour of the dictatorship of bourgeois opinion. Even the Human Rights Act is seen as subversive!

David Cameron is to set out a string of state powers to tackle ‘radicalisation’, saying the UK has been a ‘passively tolerant society’ for too long. No longer live and let live, but back to the law of the jungle.

A counter-extremism bill will be in the Queen’s Speech on 27 May. The bill will include new immigration rules, powers to close down premises used by extremists and ‘extremism disruption orders’, to be used confronting those who practice a ‘poisonous’ extremist ideology spreading hatred.’

That these tactics will be used against workers who spread the ‘class hatred’ of Marxism and advocate the unity of the workers of the world is obvious.

With the ruling party about to impose up to £50bn in cuts, measures from house arrest, to jailings, banning of newspapers and internal exile, as well as 24-hour round the clock surveillance of everybody are on the agenda of the ‘freedom loving’ Tories.

Home Secretary May is Cameron’s running dog in this imposition of dictatorship, with her demands that migrants, who manage the death-defying feat of crossing the Mediterranean, be sent back at once, and that search and destroy operations are carried out to bomb the boats that they travel on.

This is the colossal impertinence of a ruling class that once colonised a good part of the planet and enslaved it, by force of arms in order to enrich itself!

There is no doubt that British imperialism is in its death agony. It is economically, politically and morally bankrupted.

Its mortal enemy is its own people, which it is now going to repress, and the migrants of the planet.

However the powerful British working class will hit back and will defend its right to strike, its welfare state and its right to free speech.

Not only does it have the right to strike and the right to free speech, it also has the right to revolution.

It will exercise this right in the days ahead. Our task is to build the revolutionary leadership that will see the struggle through to its victory.